How To Make A Cage For Your Ferret

  • Arranging a Ferret Cage
  • As soon as a pet appears in the house, everything around is filled with an aura of good mood and care, especially if it is a smart, fluffy and tailed ferret. It is the owner’s responsibility to provide the pet with a complete, balanced diet and comfortable home.

    What is necessary for the brisk four-legged animal? How to equip a house for a pet? A cage made for a ferret with his own hands is an excellent option for those who want to provide their furry with an exclusive and most convenient housing.

    Variety of Ferret Cages

    The choice of a house for a fluffy home shustrik is a rather serious question, therefore, it requires a thorough approach.

    As you already understood, there are a large number of cell varieties, but in more detail we will focus on cells that can be made with our own hands.

    Plywood ferret cage

    What rules to follow when trying to make a cage for a ferret with your own hands? When constructing a home for a furry pet, its size and number of storeys are important.

    Inspect the room and decide in which corner you are going to place the pet cage. It is on this that the overall dimensions of the future house depend.

    Phased construction instructions for the future ferret dwelling

    We bring to your attention a kind of master class on the manufacture of plywood cages for a domesticated ferret.

    How To Make A Cage For Your Ferret

    So, to make a house for a ferret with our own hands, we need:

    • wooden blocks of different lengths and sections;
    • a couple of plywood sheets, at least 1 cm thick;
    • aviary lattice;
    • small, narrow slats for fixing the grate;
    • a small section of linoleum;
    • canopies on doors;
    • latch;
    • a pen;
    • self-tapping screws.
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    DIY cell construction algorithm:

    1. At the first stage, we need to make a frame for the future home of the ferret. So with the help of wooden blocks and screws we assemble the frame corresponding to the selected dimensions.
    2. Now we take sheets of plywood and cut out partitions that will cut the floors of the future ferret house. For hygiene, linoleum of the appropriate size should be filled on the base of the partitions, which will help make the cleaning process more convenient.
    3. We attach the floor partitions to the frame so that they hold firmly and do not come off, because ferrets are very playful and playful in nature, so they will often jump and run around the cage.
    4. If you make a cage with your own hands, then the roof can be designed according to the interior of the room where the ferret’s house will stand. It can have a flat design, inclined or gable. If desired, the master, who makes the house for the ferret with his own hands, can decorate the roof with all kinds of decorative elements. It all depends on skills and imagination. Holes will look nice on the plywood roof, into which gratings will be inserted later on. With the help of such decorative elements, you can easily fix all kinds of interior items of the future ferret house. So, for example, using openings on the roof, you can hang a small hammock in the cage to relax the animal.
    5. Now we need to make the back wall of the structure. We will use the same plywood as the material for this cell element. It is important that the plywood sheet is solid. We cut a piece of plywood according to the overall dimensions of the frame and fasten it to the back of the future house. In order to further fix all kinds of interior elements in the ferret cage, it is necessary to make neat holes in the back wall at the level of each floor. From below it is recommended to leave a continuous border, so you can avoid getting a quarrel on the floors in the room.
    6. The front wall of the ferret cage is best done in the form of large double-leaf doors. To do this, you need to assemble the frames of each door, which will correspond to the size of the ferret’s dwelling itself. Then we trim each door with a piece of plywood sheet and cut out neat windows on each of them, which will need to be covered with pieces of a durable mesh using wooden platbands.
    7. The side walls of the future ferret house are also being made. But they do not have to cut windows. Although this is decided by the master himself, who decided to make a cage for the pet with his own hands.
    8. We hang the front sashes on the hinges, adjust and screw the latch so that the fluffy could not independently get out of its house.
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    That’s all, the do-it-yourself cage for the ferret is ready! Now it remains only to formalize its internal design.

    Arranging a Ferret Cage

    On the floor above you can install a comfortable house, which will be an ideal place to relax home fluff. A round hole should be led into this room, the diameter of which should be at least 15 cm.

    This will allow the animal to freely enter its rest area and get out of it. The future ferret sleeper should be covered and dark inside. It’s good if you put pillows or a small mattress in the rest house itself.

    Ferrets are finicky pets, if for some reason he doesn’t like the house, he will not enter it under any circumstances. The owner of this cute animal should be ready to offer fluffy another place to relax.

    As a new sleep zone, a fabric house with walls sealed with foam rubber is suitable.

    In general, it does not matter what materials the recreation area for the ferret will be made of, the main thing is that he likes it. The only thing to remember is that the materials for the house should be natural.

    At the corners of the workpiece, pieces of clothesline are fixed, and inside, between the layers of fabric, thin foam rubber or synthetic winterizer is laid.

    A tubular hole is made without sharp turns and should be stretched as far as possible, starting from the first floor of the cell, to the last.

    Each of you can independently design a cage for your pet, in which it will be cozy and comfortable.

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    We wish you and your pets good health and good mood!

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