All About Keeping A Ferret At Home

All About Keeping A Ferret At Home

Before you start a ferret, find out how to properly maintain and feed it. This is not the animal that will be enough for your love. He has his own needs, which many are unaware of. And if the ferret is not kept properly, then he will certainly get sick.

All About Keeping A Ferret At Home

Ferret keeping at home

Immediately decide whether you give your pet complete freedom or restrict his movement around your home. But remember that the ferret loves space. A cell for him is a punishment. Therefore, it is better to use it only in order to clean the house without frightening or harming the baby.

Be sure to remove small items from the floor. Wiring should be out of reach of the ferret. Close all the cracks, even the narrowest ones, because you are going to keep a burrowing animal at home. And this means that the animal will try to crawl into any crack, but where is the chance that it will not get stuck there?

The predator will certainly try to peel the upholstery of his furniture with his teeth, gnaw at the plastic, hook the wallpaper. Secure the house, because this shustrik can jump onto the stove, knock over the pan, flip out the window (even if there is a mosquito net) or from the balcony (especially if it is not glazed). Bath, toilet, pantry, kitchen – should not just be closed, but under a strict ban on visiting the animal.

Khoru will need toys, but all fur, small, plastic or rubber (if the material is easily torn) must be removed. Otherwise, with sharp teeth, the pet will tear the toy, swallow its pieces, choke, or clog its intestines. Choose a good latex that is not so easy to damage.

All About Keeping A Ferret At Home

The ferret will need space, so be prepared for the animal to snoop around the house. Always look under your feet, do not rush to close the door, because the animal in one second may be in your way.

The first time the puppy will be shy, it is understandable. Alien room, unfamiliar odors, furnishings. Therefore, the ferret will be afraid of any noise, hide, run away, maybe even bite. Be patient.

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If you are afraid to leave your pet alone in the apartment for a long time (for example, while you are working), then equip and insulate a balcony for it. Or buy a large cage in which the tray and the berth, and the drinking bowl, feeder, and something like a mink will fit. In addition, the cell volume must be such that it can run freely. By simple calculations, it becomes clear that the area of ​​the enclosure should be at least one square meter.

Ferret Care at Home

Caring for a ferret is not only about providing the pet with housing and proper nutrition. It is also necessary to cut the claws, bathe the young, play with him, educate, and drive to the veterinarian.

  • Claws must be cut. Yes, the polecat will not climb the curtains, spoil their furniture, but the instinct to dig holes will not disappear. In nature, the animal grinds its claws when digging the ground, and nowhere to do it at home.

All About Keeping A Ferret At Home

Carpets are everywhere everywhere, for which these overgrown claws cling. As a result, the animal can catch on them, get scared and start to break out, twitch. After such attempts, the foot can be dislocated.

  • Can a ferret be washed at home? Yes, but not very often (once every 2-3 weeks). The animals love to swim, dive, swim.

But do not abuse this procedure. Only if the animal is dirty or smells bad (uncastrated males and females are especially “offensive”). In this case, the ferret is the ideal solution. So you can get rid of the unpleasant odor.

In no case do not let the wet pet on the floor. First wipe with a towel, and then wait until the bean is completely dry.

  • Ferrets are very fond of affection, adore when they play with them. How long should females and males run around the house if they are kept in a cage? At least 2 hours a day, the youngster must run "in the wild."
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How to feed a ferret at home

  • What do ferrets eat and how much food do they need in their natural environment? Meat! Because it is a predator, and without meat, the diet of the animal will be defective. Make a menu for your pet at the rate of 85-90% of meat or offal (kidney, heart, liver) and the remaining 15-10% of cereals, vegetables, boiled eggs.

How to feed a ferret so as not to harm him? It is best cooked chicken or turkey, beef, veal, in extreme cases, low-fat mutton. You can give a fish (only infrequently), and make sure that there are no seeds in the feed so that the pet does not choke and do no harm to itself.

All About Keeping A Ferret At Home

Raw meat products are best avoided. There is too much risk that the predator will become infected with something (parasitic, bacterial). Therefore, it is better to boil meat and offal (freezing does not always kill the pathogen).

  • If there is no time to cook natural food, then you can switch to a specialized food for ferrets. Only now you can buy it only in large cities, in other settlements you can try to replace such food with canned food for cats. Only here it’s not cheap, after which the animal starts to hurt, but of high quality (super premium or even holistic class).
  • Ferrets eat little, but very often. Often – how much? About 7 times a day they need to be given food. Do not worry, a single serving is 3 times less than the average cat eats.

But this does not mean that you need to dump everything at once in a bowl. During the day, the food in the bowl will acidify, deteriorate, and the animal will become sick after such a meal. Therefore, put a little at a time, after the ferret eats everything (or leaves it a little in a bowl), wash the dishes thoroughly (without using household chemicals).

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Ferret castration: a necessity or a dispensation

Females and males do not smell very nice. A specific smell appears as soon as the animal reaches puberty. And to get rid of it, one bathing will not be enough. It would be ideal to resort to castration of the male (or sterilization of the female).

There is nothing complicated in the operation. Even the veterinarian who castrates cats and dogs will cope with the operation (experience with exotic animals is optional).

Ferret health

Animals are very fast, so they need an eye and an eye. They can get into the washing machine, and under the furniture, and between the edges of the battery, and in the closet, and on the balcony to jump out, or even fall out.

All About Keeping A Ferret At Home

Not so long ago, they began to keep ferrets as pets. Therefore, information about their diseases is not so much. Be sure to drive the worms (like a cat and a dog), and do not forget about vaccinations.

Yes, the polecat needs to be vaccinated, like the dog, is still carnivorous. For vaccination, imported drugs against plague are used (domestic is not recommended). Be sure to get a passport for the pet, bring all the deworming and vaccinations there.

If you decide to travel with horem, you will need a passport and a special veterinary certificate (form No. 1), as well as a container (carrying).

How many ferrets live at home

The young animals live a lot – about 10-12 years (dogs live on average as much). But a lot depends on how the pet will be looked after. How many times a day and what will be fed. And also how safe the house will be.

Much less live those hori (independently, males or females) who constantly sit in a cage without attention and walks. This animal, despite the fact that it is a predator, needs human attention, affection. The animals are very gentle and love to sit on the handles.

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