Allergy Is Not A Reason To Get Rid Of A Ferret

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  • I express special gratitude to Zatorkina V and Cheltsova O. for sharing their experience.

    Most people think that the pet’s coat causes an allergic reaction. This is actually not the case. Allergies can also be caused by pieces of skin (dandruff), and fur, when it is in direct contact with the skin, ferret saliva and feces can also cause an allergic reaction. But in fact, allergy is caused by a special protein that is found in saliva, blood, urine and in the skin secretions of the ferret. It follows that the ferret’s coat itself is not allergenic if saliva or other secretions are not applied to it, which means that castrated ferrets are a much weaker source of allergy, since the number of skin secretions in them is much less than that of uncastrated counterparts.

    We train the immune system

    At Duke University’s Medical Center, it’s been found that people who are hygienic over the course of their lives are more prone to allergic reactions and autoimmune diseases, because their immune system is not exposed to germs and bacteria, and therefore does not produce antibodies to identify and eliminate the danger.

    For the immune system to work properly, it needs practice so that it can develop a natural immunity to the disease. Such training will provide the impact on the body of dirt, bacteria and viruses. This is especially true for children. If a child washes his hands with antibacterial soap and is kept in sterile conditions, then he loses the body’s natural defense. As a result, we have a large number of children growing up much more susceptible to diseases caused by bacteria, viruses and allergens than they could be if their natural defense (immune system) developed naturally.

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    We monitor the room

    Safe area

    Organize a ferret free zone in your home. Let it be a bedroom or bed. Do not let the ferret go there under any pretext. Thus, you will help the allergic person’s immune system take a break from the constant exposure to the allergen source. But this is not the only way to help solve the dilemma.

    Remove carpets from home

    Studies have shown that a large number of carpets and carpets in a house becomes an excellent reservoir not only for dust, but also for animal allergens that cannot be completely removed even with a washing vacuum cleaner or simple carpet cleaning.

    Another very common allergen. it is a home dust mite that does much more harm than pets. The more pets there are in the house, the more dust mites in the house whose waste products that settle in the dust cause an allergic reaction in you.

    If carpets cannot be removed, then try to treat them every 6 months with an acaricide.

    Regular wet cleaning in the house

    Wet the house twice a week. You can use a disinfectant solution or plain soda. But do not forget to rinse off additional disinfectants with plain water so that your ferret does not get poisoned. Warm water rinses well allergens secreted by ferrets from sweat glands and with saliva.

    If you have a heightened sense of smell, then use odorless, biodegradable floor cleaners.

    A wet vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter can help with wet cleaning. When buying, make sure that it is tight. Air leakage during its operation should be minimal so that a large amount of impurities, allergens and other particles does not rise into the air, as with a conventional vacuum cleaner.

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    It is better to carry out wet cleaning in the evening, before bedtime. By evening, the dust will settle and its cleaning will be easier, and the air will be slightly moistened.

    Ventilate the room

    Provide regular access to fresh air in the room. This is especially important during an exacerbation of allergies.

    Also, to clean the air of dust and dandruff from a ferret floating in the air, buy an air purifier with a HEPA filter. Remember that dandruff is a real treat for dust mites. Also, make sure that the humidity level in the room is not excessively high. Too humid air dandruff = lots of dust mites.

    Do not use ozonizers. Using ozonizers with maximum permissible concentrations in the rooms where at least one living creature is located is simply dangerous. Ozone can destroy iron and corrode organic compounds, cause damage to plants, damage rubber, electrical cables or fabrics. With an incorrectly selected ozonizer, there is a danger that the harm from it will be much more than good. You can simply destroy your home.

    Allergy Is Not A Reason To Get Rid Of A Ferret

    Ferret cleaning

    We clean the cage

    Because urine, saliva, and skin secretions. the source of those same allergens, causing you severe discomfort, and the cell. Since the ferret spends a lot of time, safety precautions should be observed when harvesting the cage.

    Only clean the cage with gloves on. This way allergens will not get on your skin. It will also not be superfluous to use a mask.

    If you want to wash the cage, you need to use warm water and animal-friendly disinfectants so as not to harm your ferret.

    My ferret

    Bathe a ferret about once every two weeks. When bathing a ferret, dandruff and excessive skin secretions are washed off the body of the animal. But since bathing ferrets with shampoo is so often not recommended, it is enough to use just warm water. It is important for you not to make the ferret clean, but to flush most of the allergens from the animal, and warm water is enough for this. After such close contact with allergens as swimming, try not to take the ferret in your hands for 1-2 days, so as not to provoke the body.

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    Allergy aggravated?

    Allergies can worsen during molting. An allergic person should know when his ferret will roughly molt and be prepared and take some security measures.

    Buy activated carbon. This is the most reliable and tested by many allergy sufferers in exacerbating the condition. It should be taken 4-8 tablets 2 times a day for about 7-10 days.

    During exacerbation, avoid physical contact with the ferret. If in normal health the ferret has access to your bed or bedroom, then with an exacerbation of the condition, the ferret should not be allowed into the bed or bedroom at all.

    Also, with an exacerbation of allergies with wet cleaning, it is important to use odorless floor cleaners.

    If the skin still itches, then oxygen balm will help relieve the itch.

    Remember that you are allergic. this is not a reason to refuse a ferret. If you are determined to save your pet, then these tips will help you still enjoy communication with the ferret, and your body will become stronger. Timely action and consistent action can reduce the level of allergic reaction to your ferret.

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