Diy Ferret Hammock

Ferrets are particularly interested in hammocks. The hammock is used by ferrets for games and sleep. Easy suspension design takes the form of an animal’s body, allowing you to conveniently sit in almost any position. Ferret Hammock it is quite possible to do it yourself. It is enough to follow the instructions below.

Hammock designs for ferret very diverse:

  1. Classical. It has the appearance of a rectangular cloth of soft fabric or knitwear. Ties or small carabiners are used as fasteners
  2. Bag. The design resembles an ordinary pocket or bag. It can be made in summer and winter.
  3. Trumpet. It is a tunnel. Can be completely soft or solid
  4. House. Consists of four walls, floor and ceiling. Robust and warm design for the cold season. For additional entertainment, the animal can be supplemented with toys and pockets
  5. Layered. Consists of several floors and offices. Optimal for group maintenance, as it saves space

To sew a hammock for a ferret with your own hands, it is not necessary to use expensive materials. For its manufacture is quite suitable old knit t-shirt or served his fleece plaid.


The easiest and most affordable option. For manufacturing, you need two flaps of dense, soft fabric the size of 30 × 40 (cm). If there are several pets, the size of the blanks can be increased by 2 times. Of course, it should be borne in mind that the finished product should easily fit in cage.

The flaps are folded with the front side inwards and stitched from three sides. After this, the workpiece is turned out and the fourth side is stitched. Now it remains to sew the strings. For ease of use, carabiners are attached at the ends of the ribbons.

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If desired, such a hammock can be made soft. For this, before sewing the fourth side, a foam lining is placed inside the product.

Diy Ferret Hammock

The classic design can be improved. To do this, a hole is cut in the upper canvas. The result is something like duvet cover. In it, the ferret is hiding or basking. Sticking his head out, he will be able to observe what is happening around him.


For the manufacture you will need a piece of dense, soft rectangular-shaped fabric. After stitching the three sides, a bag is obtained. The product can also be made double-sided or with a warm fur lining. For this, two similar bags are sewn. After that, each of them turns inside out. Now it remains to stitch together the upper edges, leaving a small hole for turning out.

For the manufacture of a hammock bag, an old women’s or children’s handbag is suitable, first you need to cut off all the small elements and decorative accessories from them.

The summer version can be crocheted or weaved using the macrame technique.

Diy Ferret Hammock

The bag is very simple to make from the leg of old jeans or from the sleeve of a jacket. For these purposes, an old scarf or hood is also suitable. The main thing is that the product is suitable in size.

From felt boots

Many probably would like to know how to make old ferry hammock for ferret. To make this option, you need very little free time and a strong dense braid. It will be used to suspend the structure.

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First boots must be cleaned and dried well. Then, ribbons are sewn to it on both sides, so that after hanging it is placed with the toe up.

Due to the unique properties of wool, felt boots warm well in winter, and in summer it protects from heat.


Pattern ferret hammock in the form of a pipe is a rectangle. For the manufacture you will need two pieces of equal size. One of them will be the inside; soft fleece, felt or drapes are best for her. The other is external, it can be made of any durable fabric.

The pipe is made on the basis of a sandwich. First, lay the top layer face down on the table. A foam lining is placed on it. Top position the workpiece on the inside. Now the structure must be fastened with pins and swept away. The edges of the blanks are then tucked inward. Stitching the structure around the perimeter, we get basis for future pipe.

Now it remains to collapse it and flash it along the long edge.

In the form of a house

Quite a difficult option. To make it you will need:

  • 2 blanks 20 × 20 (cm), they will go to the internal floor and ceiling
  • 4 blanks 19 × 19 (cm), for the inside of the walls
  • 2 pieces 24 × 24 (cm), exterior floor and ceiling
  • 4 outer walls 22 × 22 (cm)

First you need to stitch the inner and outer sides of the workpieces. To do this, the pattern is laid out on the table for the outside with the wrong side up. On top of it is a pattern for the inside, face up.

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We tuck the protruding sides and fix using pins. After, they need to be flashed. Do the same with blanks, floors, ceilings and walls.

Now in the front wall you need to cut through the entrance. To do this, a hole is cut just below the middle diameter 7-8 (cm). Its edges must be stitched with a zigzag seam or overcast by hand.

When assembling the house, all parts must lie with the wrong side up. First, all the walls are stitched together. Then the floor and ceiling are sewn. After this, it remains only to turn the house through the entrance and make four loops for hanging the structure. A cozy house for the ferret is ready.


If the cage contains several pets at the same time, a multi-level hammock will be the best option. Strong fabric is selected for its manufacture. The size of each level depends on the size of the cell.

First, each level is made. over, they can be both the same in size and different. Then they are fastened together.

You can simply make a kind of whatnot by arranging the floors one below the other, or you can assemble them according to the honeycomb principle.

The main thing is that the mounts can reliably hold the structure. Any durable braid, metal chains or cord is suitable for hanging the product.

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