Do-It-Yourself House For A Ferret

Do-It-Yourself House For A Ferret

Why a ferret needs a house

For the ferret to feel comfortable in the apartment, he must have his place. There he will be able to spend time while the owner is absent, sleep and hide his supplies.

A bare cage alone will never become his home. The ferret needs secluded places to live away from bright light, noise and drafts. So that in search of such a place the ferret does not scour the entire apartment, risking injury or burns, it is necessary to build him a house. A properly designed dwelling will become the pet’s favorite resting place, making its life more comfortable and safe.

Ferrets love variety, so there should be several houses and beds.

The place for installing the house should be secluded and half-dark. Usually they put a house in a room, closer to the battery, in a corner or under a table. Large houses of several floors are best placed on a heated loggia.

For the ferret, the house must be made warm and comfortable so that your pet feels comfortable in it.

Types of houses from improvised materials

The advantages of a homemade house is that it can be made from almost any material and decorated to taste. Size and shape can be adjusted as desired. Such a house will fit better into the interior of the apartment.

For a simple home, anything is suitable:

Ferrets love dark holes, so the blank for the house should have a ceiling. For a box or basket, you need to choose a lid or make it yourself.

Two round holes must be cut in the walls: for the window and for the entrance. It’s better not to place them on the same wall. To enter, you need to make a hole with a diameter of 12-15 cm, for a window – 7-9 cm.

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It is good to insulate the walls and ceiling with foam rubber or a thick layer of synthetic winterizer. To tighten the house outside and inside, you need to use only natural fabrics, no synthetics. Soft fabrics like fleece, linen, thin felt or drape are great. You can choose any color, no one limits in desires.

The lounger on the floor should be warm and comfortable, so you need to make a foam mattress and sheathe a cloth. In the budget version, you can simply put on the floor a large terry towel, folded several times.

Do-It-Yourself House For A Ferret

Rag or knitted house

A comfortable ferret house can be sewn independently from a piece of thick fabric or from an unnecessary coat. Ferrets also love fabric houses made of fleece or denim. As a heater, foam rubber can be used. You can make a house to your liking and even hang it in a cage with ties. It is convenient to carry and wash.

For such a house you can not use synthetics or tarpaulin. Ferrets subtly smell artificial materials and bypass them.

As you understand, you can sew and tie a house of any shape and size. Ferrets are equally supportive of balls, cubes, and pyramids. Even exotics like fish houses or monster houses will find their inhabitants. The main thing is to provide holes for windows and an entrance and put a soft mattress or a stove bench under the bottom.

Do-It-Yourself House For A Ferret

House made of plywood or wood – reliable and durable

Ferrets love to chew and chew on fabric, so all of the above options, alas, are short-lived. We must take care of creating a large and strong house for the pet, in which he will always find refuge.

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A small house-booth can be built from several sheets of plywood and sheathed from the inside with carpet. The house will be warm and very comfortable.

But it is best to make an aviary or a large spacious house for your pet. The ideal option is 2-3 floors, each of which will be a haven for games and sleep.

The format of a large house made of plywood or wood is similar to a closet in which shelves turn into floors connected by passages. The dimensions of such a house are limited only by the possibilities of placement in the apartment. It is important not to make the floors too high (more than 80 cm), and not to forget about the depth – for the convenience of the ferret it should be at least 45 – 50 cm.

Of course, the construction of such a house will take time, as well as some skills. But the result is worth the effort, because the pet will get a place where he can sleep, eat, walk in the tray, play, tinker and hide his treasures.

The first floor of the house serves as a toilet, placing a bowl and a drinking bowl. The floor can be glued with linoleum or a pallet of the appropriate size can be found. As a toilet, use a simple tray, or you can find a special corner that will be securely attached to the grid. If there is a lot of free space on the floor, you can also place a box for digging with sand or finely chopped paper in the same place.

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The second floor connects the 1st and 3rd floors, so you can put a small house on it or hang a soft couch. Transitions are usually made from wooden ladders or from a climbing pipe. For the pet, plastic plumbing pipes, and special transparent, and even corrugated metal pipes, will go. It is important to choose a diameter convenient for the ferret so that the animal does not get stuck and can freely climb.

The doors and the roof of the house can be made of mesh to admire your ferret when you like. It is better to take a metal mesh with 1 cm cells. Part of the mesh can be replaced with plexiglass.

The heck on the door is useful in order to lock the house for ferrets at night or during the absence of the owner.

Ferrets are mobile and very curious creatures, and so that they do not get hurt, it is necessary to secure the pipes, beds and hammocks. Drill holes for ventilation in the walls, pipes and lid.

Having once wondered how to make a ferret’s life comfortable and happy, he must first take care of his own home. It is not difficult to build it with your own hands, and the joy in the family will be added to the owners, who will be calm, and to the pet at whose disposal it will be a made house with everything necessary for the animal.

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