Domestic Ferret

In recent years, it has become increasingly popular. decorative ferret. This cute animal conquers with its charm and lively disposition. The ferret’s sociability and playfulness is gaining more and more hearts.

The leading countries in breeding decorative ferrets are America and Japan. Ferrets have gained extraordinary popularity in France. Even high fashion for ferrets is just around the corner. In our country, the ferret confidently regains its position. The ferret breeding only as a fur-bearing animal is a thing of the past. The time is coming for the domestic ferret. Friend ferret time, companion ferret, pet ferret.

Domestic Ferret

Page from the story. In Russia, a ferret, as a pet, began to be kept not so long ago, 10-15 years ago. In America and Japan, the ferret gained popularity in the 70s. The very history of the ferret is rooted in antiquity.

The origin of the ferret to date is not fully understood. It is only known for certain that the history of the domestic ferret totals 2500-3000 thousand years. Some researchers believe that the ornamental polecat originated from the albino form of the black African polecat, furo. Others claim that the polecat was domesticated somewhere in the Lower Volga region, or even more east. According to them, the founder of domestic trochae was the steppe ferret. There is an opinion about the European origin of the ferret, from the usual black ferret. In ancient Egypt, ferrets were kept as domestic animals and used to fight rodents. Herodotus (484-425 BC) mentioned the home choir. In the IV century BC, Aristotle wrote about the manual choir. Strabo (64 BC to 23 AD) wrote about the "Libyan choir" with which the Spaniards hunted rabbits. Celebrities such as Genghis Khan, Richard II of England, Frederick II of Germany were also keen on hunting with chorus. Today, hunting with chorea is also practiced, for example in Germany.

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Domestic Ferret

Ferrets can be kept both in a cage and in an apartment. Ferrets are very clean animals, and easily accustomed to the toilet.

The ferret can easily get along with your dog or cat, moreover, they can become good friends. Ferrets get along well in a group. Several ferrets live as one family. They play common toys, use one house and a shared toilet.

The domestic ferret adjusts to the owner’s schedule. When you are at work, he sleeps calmly in his house. When you come, he is cheerful, and ready to communicate with you.

Domestic Ferret

Walking with a ferret will surely bring you joy. The ferret is curious and trying to find out everything. With his cheerfulness, he infects others. In winter, the ferret digs moves in the snowdrifts, and in the summer enjoys riding in the grass. On a walk, the ferret communicates with other animals, plays, maybe he can measure his strength with an opponent. The ferret walks equally well on a leash and sitting on your shoulder. A special leash and a ferret bag will make your walk even more convenient.

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