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  • Ferret (petting, ferret), in English Weasels is a cute playful animal. If you want to settle him in an apartment, you must first find out his habits.

    Decide whether or not to ferret

    Domestic Ferrets

    Ferrets have a lifespan of 7–9 years. About 14 hours a day, the animal will sleep, the rest of the day – actively lead. All the time he will not be able to spend in the cage, a rather inquisitive animal needs movement. So that ferrets or, as they are also called, ferrets, do not make a hole in a large pot of a home flower, do not stir up the bin, the animal needs to be given enough attention.

    For walking, give him one or two rooms. Put small objects (glasses, pens) in the closet, otherwise the pet may hide them so that it will be difficult to find. Trash bin, flower pots, cords from electrical appliances should be out of reach of a furry friend. Since his sharp teeth can gnaw wires, if they are energized, this can lead to sad consequences.

    Remove vases, dishes, and other fragile items, otherwise the ferret, exploring these interesting objects, may break them.

    Usually in nature, ferrets, playing with each other, grab the skin of the second individual with their teeth. But they have it very thick, so the animals do not feel much pain. At home, the ferret can run after the moving legs of a person, grab his teeth by the heels. Such behavior should immediately be stopped so that the furry fidget understands that pain should not be caused.

    Children cannot be left unattended with the ferret, because they can play with each other and, not wanting anything bad, the ferret can use their teeth.

    If you still decide to get a ferret, then you need to know how to care for it, than to feed.

    Purchase a ferret. Visit to the vet

    Domestic Ferrets

    After acquiring the animal, be sure to show it to the veterinarian to make sure that it is healthy, well developed. It is also necessary to vaccinate the ferret there, this will save it from possible diseases, and you will be sure that even if the animal, having played, slightly scratches someone from home, this will not entail infection with infectious diseases.

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    How to feed a ferret?

    Domestic Ferrets

    Ferret nutrition is based on dry food.

    Speaking about how to feed a ferret, I must say that it’s suitable for his diet specially made dry food for ferrets and for cats. Food intended for other animals cannot be fed.

    over, not all ready-made cat food is suitable for the ferret. There are four classes of such food:

    • Economy;
    • Secondary;
    • Premium
    • Professional.

      If you love your animal, want it to grow strong and not hurt, get professional-class food for it. In this regard, pay attention to the classification of finished ferret food. If it says "economy", "average", then this should not be bought. It is much better to purchase professional-grade food, or at least premium groups.

    Here are some brands of prepared food for kittens (which are ideal for ferrets) that experienced owners of ferrets recommend using:

    • Eagle Kitten;
    • Hill’s Science Plan Kitten;
    • Nutro Choice Kitten;
    • Eagle Kitten.

      For older and full-bodied ferrets, these brands are suitable:

    • Iams Rich in Lamb;
    • Hill’s Feline Maintaince;
    • Eagle Cat Adul.

      Comparing dry and soft food, it should be noted that the first is preferable, since its particles help to remove tartar.

    No need to mix homemade food and prepared food, as the latter has all the necessary elements for a healthy diet. In addition, it can lead to urolithiasis.

    The ferret must always have clean water so that the animal can drink at any time. The food should also be in his bowl so that the ferret can satisfy the hunger when it wants. The remnants of food are periodically removed, the dishes are thoroughly washed, a fresh portion of food is poured.

    Natural Food Ferrets

    Domestic Ferrets

    When developing the ferret menu, you need to remember that it is a predator, so include offal, meat, less often fish and eggs in the diet. With this method of nutrition, you need to feed the ferret 2 times a day.

    As a treat, sometimes give your pet a piece of cheese, a little cottage cheese.

    If you choose natural nutrition for a ferret, then be sure to include vitamin supplements in your diet. They are especially necessary when the ferret is preparing to become a mother, shedding or actively growing.

    Sometimes for ferrets they prepare the so-called "frech." To do this, bird offal, meat, some fish, cooked cereals and vegetables are passed through a meat grinder. Vitamins are added here and animal feed is given. Such food, especially in the heat, cannot be stored for a long time.

    Pet house

    Domestic Ferrets

    The ferret should have a cage not shorter than 1 meter and not less than 50 cm. Put a pet house in it and hang 1 or more hammocks.

    A cat tray is perfect as a toilet. Put an additional tray in the room where the animal will walk.

    You can fence the ferret part of the room and keep it, so-called, freely. At the same time, there should not be holes in the walls, the floor with an opening larger than 3 cm, electrical cords, rubber, plastic objects that the ferret can gnaw and do great harm to himself.

    Ferrets love to play. Buy your pet a fur squeaker, a rattle for a cat, and you can watch the funny tricks of the pet. They also love rustling packages. But in such games do not leave the animal unattended. After all, it can gnaw a rattle and choke on its small details or get confused in a package.

    After the games, hide the attributes of entertainment.

    Ferret Hygiene

    For some reason, it is generally accepted that a very unpleasant smell comes from ferrets. But the wool of most of them, on the contrary, smells pleasantly of musk and honey. The urine and excrement of these animals, unlike cats, almost do not smell.

    In nature, ferrets, when they are very frightened and feel danger, can emit a stream of pungent odor from special glands, but domestic ferrets have almost no such habit. In addition, in extreme cases, these glands are removed surgically. Proper odor helps to reduce odor.

    Here are some additional measures that will also help prevent unpleasant odors in the apartment:

    To do this, you can use an inverted high basin or bucket. The water temperature for bathing ferrets is 39 degrees. When the ferret dampens his hair in water, apply a little shampoo on it, wash and rinse thoroughly with a shower. After water procedures, the animal should be wiped with a soft towel. Then place it in a box in which soft rags are placed so that the ferret itself dries its hair. Make sure that the apartment at this time is not cold, there are no drafts.

    After bathing, inspect the animal’s ears, if a lot of brown ear wax has accumulated in them, very carefully remove it with a soft cotton swab dipped in liquid paraffin. Ears can only be cleaned from the outside, in no case penetrating deeply, otherwise the eardrum can be damaged. This can be done no more than once a month, since a healthy animal itself monitors the purity of its external organs.

    They need to cut off the nails on the front legs periodically – once a month, if the ferret has no opportunity to dig the earth with them, thereby grinding off the claws. For this, cat nail clippers or nail clippers are suitable. This procedure must be done very carefully. If the furry fiercely resists, postpone the treatment of the nails until it falls asleep, then carefully, cut the ends of the claws at an angle.

    During molting, ferrets are carefully licked, the hair, getting into the stomach, it can clog it, which leads to sad consequences. Therefore, during molting, comb out the animal’s hair, give him a special paste for cats. It promotes the removal of wool.


    Domestic Ferrets

    If the ferret is already old enough, you can take it to the street on a leash. In the summer, make sure that it does not overheat, otherwise it may lead to heat shock. Ferrets love to dig minks in the winter in the snow, do not deprive the animal of this pleasure. After the snowfall, take a walk with him. Of course, when the street is not very damp.

    If you follow all the recommendations, the domestic ferret will delight you for many years, giving joyful emotions and many happy moments!

    Video with expert advice on how to get a ferret at home:

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