Dry Ferret Feeding

Dry Ferret Feeding

  • Choose a feed class. Do not forget that there are several classes of finished feed (economy, premium, super premium). The higher the class of diet, the better it is. For the production of economy-class rulers, budget raw materials are used, as a rule, with soybean content. Therefore, the high quality of the components and the optimal balance in this case are not guaranteed. While high-class feeds (for example: VERSELE-LAGA, Fiory) are made from carefully selected components, they meet European quality standards, and their composition is strictly balanced in accordance with the daily nutritional needs of the pet.

    We study the composition. Ferrets are predators, which means that meat products, not cereals, should be the main component of their diet. In the list of feed components, animal protein should always come first. The ferret’s body easily assimilates poultry meat, so it is advisable to select a diet based on chicken meat (or other poultry). But the content of soy meat, barley and oat flour in the feed is a serious drawback. Such products are poorly absorbed by ferrets and do not carry nutritional value for them. Also, diets with a high content of fish meat (if fish comes first) are not the best option. Such foods are characterized by a lack of fat, which will negatively affect the condition of the skin and coat of the ferret, as well as its smell.

The content of taurine and yucca in the feed is a significant advantage. Taurine contributes to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system and prevents heart disease, while yucca improves digestion and neutralizes the unpleasant odor of pet waste.

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The optimal balance of components in high-quality feed: 30-36% of animal digestible protein, 18-22% of animal fat, 3% carbohydrates.

Dry Ferret Feeding

Feed the ferrets only specially formulated feeds for them. Despite the fact that the eating habits of ferrets and cats are generally similar, ferrets require 20–25% more protein than cats, and the fiber content in the feed should not exceed 5%. Thus, it is undesirable to feed ferrets a diet for cats, but you can resort to it as an extreme temporary option. Do not forget that changing the diet is always stress for the body and it is not recommended to change the feed.

In no case do not feed ferrets rations for dogs. The needs of ferrets and dogs are very different, and, accordingly, in the feed for these pets contain completely different ingredients.

It is impossible to combine two types of feeding: ready-made diets and natural products. Mixed feeding provokes the development of a number of diseases, in particular, urolithiasis (ICD).

When feeding a ready-made diet to ferrets, the need for fluid increases. Make sure that clean fresh water is always freely available for the animal. This is very important for his health.

Do not use vitamin and mineral supplements. Ready-made balanced rations already contain all the elements necessary for a ferret. Do not forget that an overabundance of vitamins is as dangerous as their deficiency.

Take care of your pets and choose the best for them!

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