Ferret Accessories Essentials

Ferret Accessories Essentials


The ferret can live in a separate room or walk freely around the apartment. But he still needs shelter, a mink in which the animal could rest in complete solitude. The most impressive accessory a ferret needs is a cage. Choose a cell no less than 70 x 40 x 45 cm. The rods should be strong, the distance between them is 1.5-2 cm.

Ferret Accessories Essentials


For basic needs, place a corner or rectangular tray with a filler or grill in the cage. Ferrets often relieve themselves in all corners of their territory. If your ferret walks around the room freely, trays may be required. in every corner of the room.

Ferret Accessories Essentials

Bowl and drinker

Each ferret needs a bowl for food and a drinker. These ferret accessories should be maximally resilient, otherwise the pet will turn them upside down. Well-proven feeders and drinking bowls, attached to the cell grid or expanding downward.

Sleeping place

Ferrets love cosiness very much. An old blanket can also serve as a bed, but a soft sofa or sleeping bag is much more attractive. An accessory characteristic only for ferrets is a hammock. Unlike other domestic animals, ferrets are very fond of sleeping in limbo or in narrow minks.

Ferret Accessories Essentials


It is a mistake to think that carrying a car is not necessary. Do not wait for the moment when it is urgently needed. At least once a year, a ferret should be taken for vaccination. Let him have the necessary accessory for this. For ferrets it’s better to choose plastic carry. Check that the castle is reliable, and the pet could not open it.

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Ferret Accessories Essentials

Hygiene Items

Ferrets are neat pets. But during molting the animal is useful to bathe. Use special shampoos and balms for this. It is also necessary to purchase a comb brush.

Ferret claws need to be regularly shortened. You can use clipper or ordinary nail clippers. To avoid problems with teeth, they need to be periodically to brush and toothpaste.


Ferrets never get bored. If you do not provide your pet with toys that can be worn and nibbled, then be prepared that he will adapt some of your things to his needs. But be careful when choosing ferret toys. The glued and sewn parts may be torn off and swallowed. The same applies to rubber toys: they should not have parts that are easy to nibble. Tennis balls and toys with a loud or squeaker inside are good.

One of ferret’s favorite toys is pipes. You can adapt for this fragments of ventilation pipes or even trousers from old jeans. The main thing is that the pet could not get stuck in them or suffocate. Please note some ferrets tend to eat tissue. It may be dangerous.

Ferret Accessories Essentials


You don’t suspect how many interesting things from the point of view of the ferret lurk in nooks behind your furniture. In order not to lose a favorite, many owners hang a ferret around the neck with an elegant accessory – easy collar with a bells.

Ferret Accessories Essentials


Walking with a ferret in the park is not only fun, but also very useful for the pet. Frolicking in nature, the pet replenishes its need for movement. But once you let go of the ferret, you can no longer catch it. For walks, purchase a special nylon harness.

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