Ferret At Your Home

Ferret At Your Home

Ferrets belong to the Mustelidea family, as well as otters, badgers and skunks. For centuries, humans have kept ferrets as pets. If earlier they were usually brought in for hunting rabbits, now now, first of all, for their own pleasure.

The ferret can live up to 8-10 years and reach a length of 25-40 cm (females) and 60 cm (males).

The content of ferrets at home.

Ferrets are very sociable animals, so they should be kept in pairs or groups. Since they are very active animals, they need a lot of space for movement. Like cats, they can be kept in an apartment, in a separate room, or in a specially adapted cage. If you give them freedom, then nothing can be hidden from them. They love to climb, hide in things and carry them around the room.

If ferrets are given enough attention, they become as tame as other pets.

Necessary equipment.

Caves and tunnels beckon ferrets to play hide and seek, special “stems” provide thousands of opportunities to climb. Hammocks, suspension bridges and cozy caves connect various elements and give diversity.


Ferrets love nature walks and quickly get used to harness and leash. Special harnesses for ferrets are ideal for this purpose.

At first, put on the harness with the soft side inward to allow the ferret to get used to it. The harness should not be put on too tight: your finger should easily pass between the skin of the animal and the harness.

Can ferrets be kept exclusively at home?

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For a ferret living only in an apartment, it is important that there are enough small cat litter trays for toilets around. Ferrets can not be walked, but you need to keep in mind that they will not begin to travel long distances to the bathroom. Therefore, small trays should be left in each room that your animal uses, and also not far from all the ferret’s sleeping places.


The ferret is a predatory animal. You will provide your pet with a varied and healthy diet if you feed him with fresh entrails and pieces of meat: beef, chicken or lamb. Pork should only be cooked. Cut the meat into small squares of 1-2 cm so that your ferret can chew and swallow them. Ferrets should be fed in small portions throughout the day. In addition, there should always be water and special dry food for ferrets in the bowls of your pet. Many animals are enthusiastic about running water.

Dry food for dogs and cats, made mainly from fresh meat and fish, is perfect for a ferret. In addition, ferrets should be given a special vitamin paste from time to time.

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