Ferret Content At Home Pros And Cons

Ferrets are undoubtedly very attractive and cute. This animal will win the heart of almost every person who cares for animals. Many dream of such a favorite, but rarely think about whether they can provide him with all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay. Meanwhile, the content of ferrets is not an easy task, requiring certain knowledge, a lot of time and effort. In this article, we will talk about how to care for a ferret at home in order to help animals and their owners coexist in harmony and tranquility, bringing joy to each other.

Ferret Content At Home Pros And Cons

All but one of the varieties of the ferret are wild. Only one species was domesticated, which has the name "ferret". Ferrets quickly fell in love with breeders due to their beautiful and soft fur coat, flexible body and luxurious long tail. It’s a pleasure to hold this wonderful, warm and soft animal in your hands. Wild species have only a dark brown color, but domestic ferrets can be of a wide variety of colors, ranging from the lightest white to black.

Ferrets as pets: pros and cons

Ferrets are not particularly sociable during their first stay in your house, such as puppies and kittens. But you can say for sure that no one will be bored with these animals. An undoubted plus is their playfulness and playfulness, which will not leave the animal even at an advanced age.


The following positive aspects can be noted in the ferret’s content:

  • ferret at home does not take up much space. In addition, they can easily be transported in special bags. They calmly relate to all kinds of moving and will not resist, unlike many cats and dogs;
  • if you compare the ferret with other animals, for example, with a puppy, then, as mentioned earlier, they have the same playful character and playfulness and can practically replace your dog. But daily it is not necessary to walk him. But in the event that the owner has such a desire, your pets will not resist walking in a harness, as most feline representatives do;
  • ferrets are nocturnal animals, however, they can easily rebuild their regime in a way that is convenient for you;
  • ferrets are not only incredibly beautiful and charming animals, but also very smart and quick-witted. Tricks do not take these animals. If you wish, you can train your pet. This process is long, but interesting, and the result will certainly please you;
  • they are with great pleasure will be friends with other animals;
  • many say about the unpleasant smell coming from the ferret. To avoid this, just wash your pet and monitor the cleanliness of its cage. In fact, ferrets have a specific, but not unpleasant, odor that is somewhat similar to musky. He does not annoy many people, but, on the contrary, attracts him;
  • if the smell is a ferret you are not happy, just castrate him, and the unpleasant smell will go away.
  • this animal will be a great pet even for people with allergies. If you do not have allergies, but children live in the house, this will still be a huge plus;
  • coat of ferrets perfectly keeps heat, therefore, even in the cold season, you can safely walk it, without fear that the animal will freeze.
Ferret Content At Home Pros And Cons

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Despite all their virtues, ferrets are not easy animals. They have a number of drawbacks that everyone who wants to get such a little fluffy must be familiar with so that he doesn’t end up on the street because of the unpreparedness of their owners:

  • as mentioned earlier, ferrets have a specific smell. Someone likes him, someone not. It will be difficult to get along with the animal if you begin to turn your nose from the "aromas" emanating from it;
  • should also be considered, that ferrets have a not-so-nice way to protect themselves. If they are frightened, then their perianal gland begins to function. over, the smell is far from pleasant;
  • if you are human, possessing a soft character, a cunning animal will immediately understand this and will allow itself too much. During the game, it will damage some objects or behave a little aggressively;
  • males during mating mark the territory, which, of course, is very unpleasant and difficult for their owners. With females, it is also not without difficulties. They can quite rarely go out of heat without help;
  • to the question of feeding a ferret must be approached in all seriousness. These animals, like cats and dogs, often beg for food right from your table. Do not indulge them, because such "goodies" can not only create problems with the digestion and health of the pet, but even lead to death;
  • before you purchase ferret, make sure that in your city there really is a good specialist who can not only treat the animal if necessary, but also give recommendations on caring for it, because for beginners it will be very useful;
  • note that ferrets They love to gnaw something, for example, plastic things. Keep them away from the animal or watch him during games.

Having carefully studied the pros and cons, considering whether you need such a pet, make a decision.

If you nevertheless decided on this undoubtedly crucial step, start studying all the intricacies of the ferrets, because there are a lot of them, and you will have to do everything if you want your pet to be happy.

The dimensions of the ferret are small, which allows you to keep the animal in a small house. If the ferret lives in a cage, keep in mind that these animals are inherently very active and mobile, so they should spend part of the time outside the cage. This is required not only for their comfort and good mood, but also to avoid health problems.

Ferrets are very neat animals, as well as very neat. They will not bite all your shoes and do not make a big mess in the apartment.

Animals will not become attached to you as much as dogs, for example, do, but, nevertheless, they will watch you with interest and will be happy to sit in their arms. You can quickly make friends, play with your pet in anything. They equally love to play with the ball and swing in a hammock.

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Walking ferrets is a pleasure. They are very funny when they climb into huge snowdrifts or ride on fresh green grass. Be sure to make sure that the harness you have chosen is quite strong, because ferrets only look not so strong in appearance. In fact, in power they do not hold.

How to teach a tray

Ferrets are good because they don’t have to walk, but you can train them on the tray just like cats. This task is not easy, but quite feasible.

Firstly, there must certainly be a filler in the tray, otherwise the animal will simply gnaw it in a matter of seconds. Secondly, it should be noted that the metabolism of the ferret is different from other animals: it is very fast, and the animal can visit the tray several tens of times a day. You should also purchase several trays, preferably three, because ferrets can tolerate very little. Place trays in the corners of rooms that will be fenced off from the entire space, or in the corners of the cage.

If you have several ferrets, they will be able to use the common tray. However, if there is a cat that will defecate in the same tray that you want to teach the ferret to, the animal will easily ignore the fact of its existence.

It is worth taking a look at what place your favorite liked, and put there a corner toilet. Then to teach a pet to the tray will be much easier.

Ferrets are very smart and smart, but they also need help. Watch the animal carefully. He will certainly need a toilet after sleeping and eating. When you see that the pet is looking for a place, point it in the right direction.

Also, ferrets will not go into the dirty tray, so carefully monitor its cleanliness. You should not wash the tray with substances with a strong aroma, as it is not very pleasant for animals. If the tray is empty, be sure to wash it at least once a day. And in the event that there is filler in the tray, watch it and clean it as needed.

Do you get along with other animals

Ferrets are quite friendly, but you shouldn’t get to know the new tenant with the rest of your pets immediately upon his arrival at the house. The animal must get comfortable in the new territory, feel that nothing threatens him. If your house already contains a ferret, do not worry about a new one: they will quickly get along.

Ferrets are also easy to make friends with a cat, but they should be introduced gradually, bringing closer new neighbors every day more and more. The very first step is to let the animals sniff each other thoroughly. But with dogs, things are more complicated. The fact is that if you have a large dog, most likely they will converge. But in the event that the dog is hunting, it will be very difficult to suppress its instincts in it. The hunter will always see prey in a small animal. This animal with small dogs will also not get along, because they try to be universal favorites and dominate among domestic animals, so your puppy can get a lot from the new tenant.

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The aquarium should be moved to an area inaccessible to the animal, or its lid should be closed. And it is better both that, and another at once. Because otherwise, not only the fish, but also the one who hunted them may suffer, because the fluffy can simply fall into the aquarium and drown.

Ferrets should not be allowed into rodents, such as guinea pigs and hamsters, as well as birds, because he will simply eat them. In the natural habitat, these animals are a welcome snack for him. You should be careful and put the cage with the potential ferret prey away from those places where it has free access.

What eat

The ferret at home eats dry food. Feeding the animal with other types of food is not recommended for its own safety. Dry food is also good because with its help the animal can clean its teeth, removing tartar. When choosing feed, preference should be given to premium class. From pet food of average quality, your pet will not grow healthy and strong.

If you give any other products to the animal, in addition to dry food, in no case do not mix them! This can lead to unpleasant consequences such as urolithiasis. Food should be in the bowl around the clock, and next to it must be fresh water.

The ferret, in the first place, is not a pet, but a predator. He needs good meat in his diet, as well as fish and eggs. But do not get carried away too much, because if the volume of natural products exceeds two percent, this will lead to unpleasant consequences. They love fresco eggs, which in the wild are consumed raw, but at home they should only be given boiled eggs, both chicken and quail. The ferret can enjoy cottage cheese or cheese. If you feed a ferret natural products, be sure to add vitamins to his diet.

Subtleties of care and maintenance in the house

  • During molting ferrets are used to licking themselves, which can adversely affect their health. Hair can clog the intestines and lead to irreparable consequences. Comb your pet thoroughly to avoid this kind of problem.
  • It is not necessary to bathe the animal. But you can do this several times a month. Ferrets in no way will resist, but, on the contrary, will gladly splash in the water. The temperature of the water should not be below thirty-nine degrees.
  • Ear cleaning should be done, but not too often, about once a month.

In general, caring for these animals is not as complicated as it might seem.

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