Ferret Content

Ferret Content

Over the past few years, the ferret has been one of the most popular pets. It is preferred by people who want to be different from most pet owners, since almost everyone has a dog or cat. Ferret owners always manage to attract everyone’s attention when they just walk with their pet. .

Ferret story

Standard ferret

The usual sizes are from 35 to 60 cm and weight is from 350 grams to three kilograms. The eyes are round or almond-shaped; their color changes depending on the color of the coat. The nose is triangular, the ears are small, rounded and widely spaced.

Ferret Care

You can grow it in an aviary – a large cage with a height of a meter and a roof. You can grow a ferret without closing it in a cage, give it the opportunity to move around the house. In this situation, you must be sure that the ferrets will not be able to cut the cable when the electric device is working. Best of all, if you have a glazed balcony from which the ferret will not be able to escape. Be sure to have a place in the shade in the summer. In the evenings, you can play with the ferret for several hours in the house, and at night lock it in a cage.

Ferret Content

Ferrets love tunnels and labyrinths, so you can provide them with special designs. You can easily teach an animal how to use a cat’s toilet. Do not bathe a ferret often, because then the glands that secrete a specific smell are activated.

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Recommended bathing frequency. once a month using baby shampoo or cat shampoo. You can not bathe in very hot water, because the ferret can get a heat stroke. Check your ears and claws regularly; occasionally you need to be examined by a veterinarian, as well as vaccinations

Ferret training

Despite its small size, a ferret can be taught a lot. But training must begin when the animal is still very small. Then, starting with simple things, train with great patience. and in any case, do not physically punish if he does not execute the command. However, you should bear in mind that ferrets are naturally wild and require a lot of time and patience to learn how to carry out your commands. If a ferret does it in spite. it can be punished, but very carefully and without cruelty to animals. If the ferret has done really great harm, you can spray it with water because it will cause serious discomfort.

Ferret feeding

You can use dry food or regular products. The ferret is a predator, loves fish, the best species. trout, mackerel, tuna or salmon Most other species cause anemia. You can give chicken, lean meat and eggs.

Ferret Content

If you decide to use dry food, you should know that you can only use two types of dry food for dogs – and those that are specifically designed for ferrets. Dry dog ​​food is not suitable for feeding. It is not recommended to feed canned food for cats or dogs, because they can lead to the formation of tartar in the oral cavity of animals.

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Add some minerals and vitamins regularly. Vitamins are essential for good health. Do not mix dry food with natural products. The ferret should eat twice a day, but do not give him dry food in the morning and in the evening, natural products, because this can cause diseases of the urinary system.

Ferret diseases

Ferrets are prone to genetic skin diseases, as well as problems with the pancreas, kidneys, and stomach. Very often, an animal becomes a victim of its passion for chewing various small items that clog the intestines and in some cases lead to death.

Curious Ferret Facts

Trained pets are regularly used in Hollywood productions. Although it is believed that the smell of ferrets is terrible, it is not. Strong smell only in males during mating season. If you castrate an animal. there will be no smell.

Ferret Content

Ferret Disadvantages

Ferrets are prone to digging, so if you have potted flowers, they suffer from your pet. Another disadvantage is that ferrets love to hide something. Often they can take something on the floor and hide it, and it will be difficult for you to find the item. You must be careful not to let the ferret get to the rubber toys, it can swallow pieces of rubber. This, as a rule, leads to fatal consequences. In nature, ferrets are the dominant creatures. Thus, they will constantly check their master and will try to dominate him periodically to find out if they can become the main among all family members.

Such an interesting and unusual beast as a ferret is gaining more and more popularity as a pet. It used to be looked at him only as exclusively furry

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If you want your hamster to feel as comfortable as possible in your home, you must create all the conditions for him that will achieve such a result.

This manual is intended for those who want to help a homeless creature find their shelter. The first step is to go to the veterinarian with the animal. AND

Dog. this is a smart animal. It is not difficult to educate her in such a way that she becomes obedient and flexible. In this case, do not show your physical abilities,

The third step in the process of adding a stray animal is a very important point – the search for the owner, the future owner of the foundling. Once you have found a place for

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