Ferret Psychology

  • Ferret bites during the game
  • Ferret’s teeth change
  • Unreared ferret
  • Ferret’s dominant behavior
  • Among us you can meet different ferrets: neat and not very obedient and mischievous. The older the ferret, the more developed his character and the more difficult it is to agree with him. But as you people say, "patience and work. All will rub." Before punishing the baby, it is better to understand why he is doing something:

    Ferret Psychology

    Ferret taken to a new home

    Some people took me from my mom to another house. He is so big and unfamiliar. It has so many new smells. There is neither a mother, nor a person whom I have known since childhood, but there are only other people’s hands that constantly reach for me and want something from me. I do not know them. I am afraid of them.

    From our human helpers

    If this case is yours, then no punishment will help you. The ferret will only clog into the corner and lose all confidence in you. Only patience and affection will help here.

    Ferret bites during the game

    I am no longer afraid of these people. These hands have become not so alien. They are not at all evil. They feed and caress me. You can even play with them. Not so, of course, as we fought with the brothers and played catch-up with the sisters, but I also like these new games. But it is strange that when I start playing with my hands, they are offended and leave. Why? The brothers did not leave. And the hands have legs. The legs are funny too. They have funny processes that often move. Very reminiscent of the mouse, which must be hunted. But the legs are also offended when I finally catch them, and leave. And I don’t understand why. They themselves invited me to play

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    From our human helpers

    Remember that ferrets have thicker skin than humans, and some may not even be aware of it. If the ferret has played out and bites your legs or arms too hard, then just try to hiss or slap it slightly on the nose. As a rule, ferrets understand this language quickly.

    Ferret’s teeth change

    I already have some teeth, but some other bumps appeared next to them, which constantly itch. I’m constantly looking for something to scratch them: toys, human hands, rags, bowls or ropes connecting, strange buzzing boxes (when I start to bite them, for some reason the person is very worried and starts to scream loudly). I don’t care what to chew. just to stop this itching as soon as possible.

    From our human helpers

    If the baby’s teeth just grow, then it’s enough to give him a piece of meat, a piece of chicken or any other bone.

    Unreared ferret

    I grew up in a house where people just fed me. They did not communicate with me, did not play, I just ran around the house and did everything that I wanted. But then others came and took me to their place. He is certainly a stranger, but what difference does it make where to live if you can do the same here as in the old house. The food is good. And I’ll always find something for myself: to dig, to steal, to search. If only they didn’t bother me. But as luck would have it, the hands that put me food began to appear more often. For some reason they take and interfere with me: squeeze, lay, drag. I don’t like it and I scare them, as those former ones scared. My teeth acted on them flawlessly.

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    From our human helpers

    If you come across an ill-mannered ferret who does not know what people don’t like when they bite, and that they shouldn’t communicate with a person through teeth, then I’m afraid that you will have to apply the whole range of punishments and rewards to him. But do not overdo it. Excessive zeal can cause the ferret to simply be afraid of you.

    Ferret’s dominant behavior

    First model:

    What a big and nice house! I really liked him. How much room for games! There is a man here who feeds me. The only inconvenience. he always climbs to me when I do not want it. Well, nothing, I’m re-educating him.

    Second model:

    Ferret Psychology

    The house is wonderful. And I like the person too. How much room for entertainment. How many games and pranks can be arranged here! Not sure if they are all legal. But you have to try, but what if you can?

    From our human helpers

    Ferrets feel good about your weak points. And of course they will try not to miss the chance to take advantage of them. Therefore, if you want the owner to remain in the house as before. If you are not a ferret, then you will not have to fall for their innocent look and charming face, and rigidly your line, insisting on your own. Some of the ferrets are very stubborn (especially males), and in this case you will have to sweat a lot to make the ferret obey and live according to the rules established by man.

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    One of the most effective methods of our "fight" with a person is to choose a toilet of your choice. This often helps ferrets in a game that people call "king of the hill." Unfortunately, victory does not remain with us as often as we would like.

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