Ferret Tips

Ferret Tips

In Russia, the breeding of decorative ferrets (they are also called ferrets) began in the 1970s. This new business for our country for the first time began to deal with the spouse-scientists Yu.G. Ternovskaya and D.V. Ternovsky. From Poland they brought several furos. this is the albino form of the black ferret (they have white fur and red eyes). Thanks to their hybridization efforts, decorative ferrets of different colors were bred. In 1978, D.V. Ternovsky first bred a hybrid from crossing a ferret and a mink – a honorik who possessed very beautiful fur. Honorik inherited abilities from both of his ancestors: the ability to swim – from the mink and the love of digging holes. from a ferret.

But despite the successes in breeding and hybridization of decorative ferrets that were conducted in the USSR, they did not become widespread as pets at that time. An important reason for this was the law issued by the government, which forbade the raising of fur animals to private individuals. This law was repealed only during perestroika. Therefore, unlike cats and dogs, ferrets are still a rather rare inhabitant in our homes. Currently, there are clubs and nurseries of decorative ferrets in Russia. And personally, I am very happy about this, since ferrets are surprisingly cute and cute animals.

Like other pets, decorative ferrets need care, care and love. But at the same time, one should not forget about education (compliance with certain rules of behavior). This is primarily dictated by the safety of the animal itself, as well as facilitating mutual understanding with those who tamed it.

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Tips on raising a ferret!

The carrot and stick method

If you have ever kept a dog or a cat at home, you can probably find an approach to a ferret. After all, a decorative ferret is a smart animal that is capable of learning and analyzing different situations. Since the ferret is inherently. very playful creature, he will sometimes have to remind who is the boss in the house. The usual methods of education are reward and punishment, which are applied in accordance with a specific situation.

It is clear that for the ferret himself, such an act as, for example, climbing into a bin, is not a fault, but simply a manifestation of a lively interest in the world around him. But you need to show him that this should not be done. And if the pet next time behaved well (did not try to rummage in a bucket of waste), then be sure to praise him. Encouragement, affection and tasty treats for the ferret will be a wonderful incentive to not bullies.

So what can be done to make the pet aware of his misconduct? First, he must understand the reason for the host’s discontent, and this is possible only if the punishment is timely, in hot pursuit. However, this applies to all pets. The ferret is very well versed in the intonations of the voice and he will certainly understand the strict reprimand. You can carefully lift and shake the mischievous ferret by the scruff of the neck – this will not harm him (so the ferret mother usually punishes her puppies). In general, it is not worth leaning too much on punishments, otherwise the ferret can become intimidated and lose confidence in people.

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Each ferret has its own character and, accordingly, you need to look for an individual approach to your favorite pet.

How to wean a ferret to bite?

There are many reasons why a ferret can bite: because of fear, an unpleasant smell (for example, alcohol), to prove that he is “in charge” here or to get carried away during the game. But in most cases, small fluffy creatures simply do not know that you can’t bite people. Having played like kittens, they begin to bite. Therefore, the sooner you take up raising a ferret, the better. If the puppy is trying to bite, then you can try something to distract his attention. And if, nevertheless, the ferret bit during the game, then reprimand him and make it clear that while he is behaving this way, they will not play with him.

A ferret can bite if he is very scared or in a new environment. Therefore, having bought a ferret, he needs to be given some time in order to calm down and explore the new territory. Because of fear, he can defend himself, bite, and keep him out. Do not punish him for this! Over time, he will get used to the new people who will surround him.

often call a ferret by his chosen name when playing with him or while feeding. Over time, he will begin to respond to his nickname.

How to train a ferret to go to the tray?

How to train a ferret to a harness?

Ferret Tips

Ferret is a wonderful companion during walks. He will be very happy for the opportunity to take a walk. For the safety of the pet, it should not be allowed to walk without a harness. You can use a harness for cats. At first, ferrets are not very supportive of a new subject, but get used to it quickly enough.

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What habits of ferrets cannot be brought up?

By nature, the ferret has certain habits and habits from which it cannot be weaned, no matter how hard we try.

One of these habits is the desire to drag away and hide food or any things that have attracted the attention of nooks (such as socks, keys or eyeglass cases). It is useless to scold or punish the ferret. Better to remove your favorite things beyond his reach.

Digging holes is also inherent in the nature of the ferret.

It is because of this that he cannot calmly pass by the wonderful pots with your favorite flowers. You can put flowers in a room where the ferret does not have access or cover the ground in flower pots with large flat pebbles so that it would be difficult for him to dig into them …

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