Ferret Toilet How To Choose And Train

Ferret Toilet How To Choose And Train

Ferret toilet in the apartment

If the animal lives in the apartment, and you do not restrict its movement, then of course, he will choose the places where he will go to the toilet. Most likely, these will be the corners of the rooms. This is where you put the toilet trays. over there should be several such places. Place one of the trays next to the ferret’s cage, which he should have as a shelter, even if he spends all his free time.

We recommend purchasing a ferret toilet cat trays, the design of which includes a pallet and, placed on top, mesh. In them you can fill the filler (also feline) or not, at your discretion. Keep in mind that if you do not pour a product into the tray that absorbs moisture and neutralizes the smell, you will have to wash it at least once a day, or even more often.

Question, how to train a ferret to the toilet, very important. These animals are smart, so there will be no problems with training. You only have to follow the pet during the week.

As soon as you notice that the ferret arched its back, began to shift from paw to paw and back off, immediately grab it and put it on the tray. The animal will not get used to the right place the first time. Therefore, if he met the need not where it should be, punish the ferret by poking his nose next to the puddle and take it to the tray. And here, pet the animal. The pet should be punished immediately after committing misconduct. Doing this later does not make sense. He will not understand why he is scolded, and only harbors anger at you.

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The more often you show the pet where to go to the toilet, the faster he will master this science and save you from having to wipe the puddles and collect piles around the apartment.

Cage Ferret Toilet

Many owners, fearing for the safety of the animal and their property, prefer to keep the pet in an aviary, house or cage. In this case, a ferret toilet is also needed. Put a cat tray or a ferret in it, depending on the size of the cage., which was described above.

Learning a ferret to a tray in an enclosed space has its own characteristics. Usually the animal goes to the toilet immediately after sleep. Therefore, you need to wait until the ferret falls asleep, after some time wake him up and pick him up. Hold the animal until it starts to break out. Then put it on the cage tray. Praised ferret, praise. At first, put the animal in the tray, as often as possible, preferably every hour.

Ferret toilet can be marked with its own feces. or rags from the cage to which he wrote. Put them in the tray. The animal will attract a smell and he will figure out what needs to be done in this place.

In the mating season, uncastrated ferret begins to mark territory. This process cannot be controlled neither by swearing, nor by attempts to put the animal in the tray. The problem can only be solved by sterilizing the female and castration of the male ferret.

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