Ferret Toys

Although ferrets love to play with toys, even more they like to hide them in their secret places. It is important for you to know where they have such places where they all hide, because when you cannot find your things, for example keys, a wallet or a remote control, you will know where they can be found. Ferrets are very similar to small children when it comes to toys: we collect all their toys, put them in a box or corner, and as soon as we do this, ferrets try to hide them again. When a thing falls into such a secret place, the ferret begins to consider it his own. Do not try to fight this ferret habit. Remember that this is their instinct and the battle with it will certainly be lost to you.

Ferret Toys

When choosing toys for your ferret, it is important to carefully inspect them. There should not be small parts on the toys that the ferret can nibble and swallow. The toy must be strong so that the ferret cannot bite it and swallow part of the toy. You can give your ferrets toys designed for ferrets, cats, dogs and even children if they meet these requirements.

Inspect ferret toys regularly. Make sure that they are not cracked or torn. Remember the price of the toy does not matter for your pet. And often simpler and cheaper options become their favorite for them.

Ferret Toys

A toy for a ferret can be, for example, an item from your wardrobe. They can play with towels, shirts, pants, love socks, etc. You can make a toy yourself from a sock by putting a little bell there. The main thing is to see if your ferret has a weakness for eating rags. If such a tendency is noticed, then try to limit your ferret from playing with rag objects.

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Pipes can carry them to the game for many hours (it can be either a plastic pipe for drawing, or specially designed pipes for playing animals). Ferrets like rustling pipes (fabric with rustling elements sewn inside, like polyethylene). It is very important to watch that the pipe is not very narrow, if the ferret gets stuck in it, this can lead to very serious consequences, even death.

Another favorite among the toys is a box for digging. Buy a large plastic storage container in the lid, cut out the ferret inlet and fill the container with some loose substance. For example, pasta or pebbles for an aquarium, stones should choose a rounded shape. If you settled on pasta, then make sure that the ferret does not start eating them. If he starts to do this, replace the pasta with pebbles for the aquarium. It is not advisable to pour cereals. Particles of croup can cause problems with the respiratory system of the ferret, as well as he can begin to eat them, this can cause blockage of the digestive tract. The filler must be changed periodically, if these are pebbles, then you can simply rinse them.

When playing with your ferret, it is important to keep in mind that they are used to playing rudely with each other and they cannot adapt to our sensitive skin. Therefore, do not be offended by bites during games with ferrets and think that they are doing this on purpose. And if the ferret bit you during the game, you should not punish him for this, as this will only teach them that people can not be trusted. This will lead to terrible consequences in a relationship with your pet. The correct thing in this situation is to take the ferret by the scruff of the neck and press it to the ground and say “ay-ay-ay” or “no”, to explain to them that this cannot be done. But DO NOT be rude to them! Another way is to rub your hands with something bitter or spray “anti-bite” on them. And finally, there’s also a way to spread something delicious on your hand (for example, high-energy paste 8 in1), this will teach the ferret that your hands should not be bitten and licked. Or just when you decide to pamper your ferret, give the treat directly from your hands, and do not put it in a bowl or on the floor.

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You need to be especially careful with latex toys, ferrets love them very much, especially if the squeaker is built into them. Such toys may seem strong enough to you, but not for your pet’s teeth. Very often ferrets bite such toys; pieces of rubber present a very serious danger to ferrets. Because they like to swallow them. This leads to blockage of the gastrointestinal tract.

Be careful when choosing a toy for your ferret and then you will spend many happy moments with him at fun games without sad consequences!

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