Ferret Tray Trainee Secrets

Any pet brings joy and tenderness to the house, but requires attention and care from the owners. We must be prepared not only to play with our beloved pet, but also to remove the “crime scene” behind it. Ferrets, like other pets, respect cleanliness and freshness. These animals can be trained in the simplest commands and actions. One of the first questions asked by inexperienced owners, how to train a ferret to the tray? This process has its own characteristics, let’s try to open the veil of secrecy …

Ferret Tray Trainee Secrets

Ferrets are very clean, they can be easily accustomed to the tray

Patience and patience again

Pet training should begin from the first days. As soon as the ferret got into your apartment, immediately take up his education. The main thing that is required of you is patience. A ferret is not a dog that is ready for the approval of the owner to fulfill any request. These babies are learning, but more slowly. Do not shout at fearful animals. You can’t punish them either, a frightened kid will not be able to learn anything, and will shit anywhere. The animal must spend the first days in a cage, which will become his home. The ferret should always be clean in the house, there should be a tray in the corner, which the animal will use as a toilet. Do not forget to firmly fix it so that the pallet does not become a toy for the baby.

Ferret Tray Trainee Secrets

The ferret should always have a tray in the cage

Stages of toilet training

Accustoming to order in each animal occurs in its own way. Someone quickly understands what the owner is seeking from him, someone needs time for this. But even the most educated animal will not always be able to go to the tray. From time to time “emergency” will happen in the wrong place. Experts believe that the animal is accustomed to the toilet, if it gets into the tray at least 80% of the time.

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The cage should have the capacity that you then plan to use during the free movement of the ferret around the apartment. The kid will get used to it faster, because this thing was next to him for several days.

The accreditation method after sleep has proven itself:

  • Gently wake up your pet, but do not scare him at the same time.
  • Take the ferret in your hands, stroke it. You will have to hold the animal in your arms for several minutes, because after sleeping it needs to go to the toilet.
  • When the ward begins to worry, slowly put him in the tray. Do not let him run away or move to another place and relieve himself anywhere.
  • If the animal used the tray for its intended purpose, praise it. Offer the little gourmet a favorite treat, let out a walk around the house.
  • At first you will have to control the time. Every 30 minutes pick up the pet in your hands and drop it in the tray.

Let’s hope that you got a smart baby and he will quickly understand what is required of him.

Ferret Tray Trainee Secrets

It is most convenient to train a ferret to the tray right after sleep

Weaning off shit in the corners

No matter how the animal tries, but sometimes minor troubles will happen. The main thing is that the pet is not used to going to the toilet anywhere. First of all, remove the “traces of crime” and treat the floor with a disinfectant solution. The product chosen for processing should completely eliminate the smell.

If the pet is walking around the apartment at this time, then take it in your hands and strictly report back without raising your voice so as not to scare. Then return to the cage and lock the door. At the next walk, watch the ferret, and do not let him settle in the same place again.

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The animal quickly gets used to going to the toilet anywhere, if the owner does not immediately take action.

Please note, before you go to the toilet, the ferret becomes in a characteristic position. Noticing this, immediately take the pet to the tray. If the little sneak went to the toilet a couple of times in one corner, and it’s inconvenient to put the box with the filler in it, lay a rag on the floor, which served as the litter in the cage, and lay on it your favorite animal toys. Naturally eliminate odors first and disinfect the floor. You can place a bowl of water in this corner after cleaning, ferrets do not spoil in places where they drink or eat.

Ferret Tray Trainee Secrets

If the ferret shit in the wrong place, you need to put there his toys or a bowl of water

Gradual accustoming to life outside the cell

In a large apartment, your pet will need time to get comfortable. Start letting him out of the cage in one room, blocking access to other rooms. Check that the baby is not at risk during walks.

And so that he doesn’t fulfill his needs anywhere, put in a convenient corner a tray in which you put pieces of paper moistened with animal urine.

When the ferret gets used to the room, regularly visits his tray, you can open the next room for him. Here, the teachings will have to be repeated again. The animal will not be able to run to the latrine too far. The ferret’s digestion process is fast enough, so you will have to put several toilets in a large apartment.

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Ferret Tray Trainee Secrets

If a ferret wants to use the toilet, and the tray is in another room, he may simply not have time to run

Common mistakes

The main mistake of beginners is the excessive requirements for their pet. To teach a ferret to go to the toilet in a designated place, and to wean a dirty in the corners – it is very important, but not always possible. This does not mean that the owner should immediately give up, but sometimes you have to come to terms with the daily cleaning of the "evidence".

Another mistake is not keeping clean. If no filler is used in the tray, then it is necessary to wash it after each visit to the animals. Novice owners think that it is easier for an animal to find a toilet by smell, but this is not so. The ferret will not go into the dirty tray. And he smells even after cleaning his toilet. If a special filler is used, it is necessary to restore order as it becomes contaminated.

A mistake can be considered free walks around the apartment, until you get used to the tray in the cage. Before going to the development of new territories, the pet must get comfortable in its cage and get used to going to the toilet. Otherwise, it simply will not understand later what you want from it.

Now you know how to train a ferret to the tray. However, each owner must understand that as they grow older, the animal will challenge and assert itself. Refusing the tray may be an attempt by a grown male to compete for dominance. Show persistence and patience, repeat the process of toilet training, if necessary.

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