Ferret Treats

Any ferret is pleased when the owner praises him, gives goodies for certain merits, and he just loves him very much, cherishes and cherishes. Of course, constantly indulging your domestic ferret with delicacies is not necessary at all, but sometimes it is simply necessary, which is often practiced in training and teaching the animal to the tray, as well as other merits. Anyway, just like that.

Very often, novice breeders make a huge mistake when they give their ferret cookies, chocolate, marmalade, marshmallows, citrus fruits and other products that not only do not benefit the animal’s body, but also cause great damage to its health, in particular, gastrointestinal intestinal tract. And then they are still surprised what led to these diseases.
It’s good that you are a responsible breeder and don’t want to risk the ferret’s life, so you are here. Are you interested in what can be given as goodies for ferrets and what not. I’m right?

To be sure that a particular treat is suitable for a ferret, carefully study its composition. Meat ingredients must be in the first place, and chemical dyes, flavor enhancers and flavorings should not be at all, like salt with sugar. Ideally, if the grain will not be in the composition.

From specialized delicacies I can recommend dry beef light from the company "TiTBiT". This is the only specialized and purchased delicacy that I give my domestic ferret, eats with pleasure and does not harm his health at all.

Sometimes, you can pamper your pet with foods that are almost always present in our refrigerators.
Be aware that the amount of treats given should not exceed 5% of the ferret’s daily ration, otherwise digestion problems may occur. In a word, the amount of goodies per day should be the smallest.

What can I give

  1. Cucumber. A small slice and without a peel. By the way, good for the kidneys.
  2. Pepper. Only bell pepper (Bulgarian), peel is better to separate.
  3. Chicken egg. A small piece of boiled yolk. It is not recommended to give a ferret a raw egg and protein (including boiled)!
  4. Quail egg. Give a raw egg, but not more than 1 time per week. Quail eggs are preferable to chicken.
  5. Banana, pear, sweet apple, grapes (without skin and pits), strawberries, strawberries, currants. In small quantities and not often.
  6. Dried chicken stomachs and beef lung.
  7. Skim cheese. One of the permissible dairy products, which can occasionally be given to ferrets, but not in large quantities, and with a mass fraction of fat of not more than 2%.
  8. Watermelon melon. Watermelon is very useful, removes toxins, but you need to give in small quantities and not often. Give only Astrakhan watermelons in the harvest season.
  9. Raisins. Washed and soaked in water, give no more than 1 berry per day.
  10. A small piece of chicken fillet, previously scalded with boiling water.
Ferret Treats

What should not be given

For each domestic ferret, goodies are individual.

When one domestic ferret eats a quail egg over both cheeks, it does not mean at all that the other ferret will eat it with the same zeal. The tastes of each animal are individual, so if one of the above delicacies is ignored by your favorite, then do not torment him.
Know that Ferrets are not obligatory at all. nutritional components with a balanced daily diet.

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