Ferrets At Home

Somehow on a walk or with friends in the apartment you

Ferrets At Home

saw a ferret, he struck you with his grace, playfulness, cheerfulness and curiosity. You are fascinated by its plasticity and magnificent appearance, a flexible chubby body, bead eyes, small paws and beautiful coat, it is simply impossible to resist and not fall in love with these miniature charm.

It is interesting that in Russia the fashion for domestic ferrets has been spreading for the past 10-15 years, while in Europe domestic ferrets have been kept for the last 30-40 years. However, the leaders in the distribution of ferrets as pets are Japan and the United States.

Who is a ferret?

So, you want to get a ferret, let’s find out in more detail what kind of animal it is.

The domestic ferret is a predator from the marten family and originates from the wild forest ferret that lives in the forests of Europe.

According to various sources, the ferret was domesticated from 1,500 to 1,000 years ago in the Mediterranean region and used to catch rats and mice just like cats, the advantage of ferrets was the peculiarity of the structure of their flexible body, which allows them to penetrate the narrowest and inaccessible even to cats when hunting rodents.

The domestic ferret has several names, it is called furo (from the Latin name Mustela putorius furo), which is translated from Latin as a little thief, and from Greek – a dodger. By the way, the correct name, it very accurately reflects the nature of the ferret, they are really cunning and smart and have a great weakness for theft, many owners of ferrets note their tendency to kleptomania. They love to steal and hide valuable things in their opinion according to their "minks". secluded places in the apartment, as they say in reserve, on a rainy day.

In addition to this, a domestic ferret is often called a ferret. This name came to us from the Polish language, which is not surprising, since in our country the breeding of domestic ferrets began with the animals brought from Poland.

Ferrets At Home

There is also a cross between ferrets, for example, a honorik – a cross between a ferret and a mink, which is very rare and it is wrong to call it a domestic ferret.

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The domestic ferret has inherited a lot from its wild counterpart, first of all, its appearance, body structure, habits, color, which has several varieties and can vary from black to white.

Despite the fact that they are homely, they are still hunters who lead a nocturnal lifestyle. This means that they like to sleep during the day, while at night they increase their activity, which should be prepared for potential owners of ferrets.

In nature, wild ferrets dig holes in the ground, the same habits are observed in domestic ferrets. If you like to grow plants at home, it is likely that the new occupant of the house will erase all the pots from the ground. Often, flower pots beat, so you will need to remove all the house plants from the house or move them to a ferret inaccessible to the ferret.

A flexible body allows the ferret to penetrate into very narrow slots, from where it can not get out on its own, this creates a danger to his life. Therefore, for keeping the ferret in the apartment for its own safety, you will need to equip a special aviary or a spacious cage in which the ferret will be located while you are not at home. You can learn more about the conditions of keeping a ferret in an apartment in the article “Ferret in an apartment”. There you will find recommendations for creating all the necessary conditions for keeping a ferret in the space of your home.

Ferret behavior with other animals.

Ferrets At Home

Another feature of ferrets is their curiosity, which can lead to various troubles associated with injuries, poisoning, conflicts with dogs on the street and other dangers.

By the way, about the relationship of the ferret with other pets. If you already have a cat or dog at home, then you need to know that ferrets are usually leaders in relationships with other animals. Ferrets have high intelligence and quick wit, so they show vivid leadership qualities.

If we talk about the relationship of the ferret and the dog, then the relations between the ferret and the dog of the large guard breed are better formed, they become real friends, get along well with each other. Relations with miniature dogs of decorative breeds are more complicated, this is due to the fact that small dogs are more excitable, and ferrets often offend them. As for hunting dog breeds, the situation here is more complicated, the fact is that a hunting dog can perceive a ferret as a prey and even kill it. Therefore, owners of hunting dogs are not recommended to start ferrets.

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The domestic ferret and the cat are not so simple in these relations, between them there may arise both true friendship or implacable hostility, and complete indifference to each other.

Much depends on the owner, in order to avoid jealousy and rivalry of pets for your love and attention, devote the same amount of time to everyone and encourage friendship between them.

Ferret’s relationships with birds, rodents and reptiles are the most risky. In natural conditions, all of the listed inhabitants are prey for the ferret.

Of course, there are exceptions when ferrets are very friendly with rodents, for example, rats, but it is still recommended to remove the cages with birds, reptiles and rodents out of reach of the ferret.

Do not start a ferret if you have small children. Ferrets have fairly sharp teeth and claws; they can bite and scratch a baby. Young children often perceive pets as toys, and if a cat or dog can patiently perceive various manipulations of the child with itself, the ferret can aggressively respond to anxiety from the child.

If your children have already grown up, or if there are no children in your family, then the ferret is a completely safe pet, not more dangerous than a dog or cat.

Ferrets are playful and charming

Domestic ferrets are really very charming and playful, highly trained and easy to follow. They can be trained to the tray like a cat. Mostly ferrets are silent, but in order to express joyful emotions they begin to hum, with dissatisfaction theirs, and in an excited state they fluff up their tail. If the ferret is very scared, he can emit a specific unpleasant odor, the ductal glands produce a smell. I must say that the ferret uses the secret from the perianal glands in the most extreme cases, when all other methods of defense have been tested. Despite the caustic

Ferrets At Home

the smell is easy to deduce this secret unlike cat tags. Therefore, it is better not to perform an operation to remove these odorous glands, since this operation is quite complicated and requires the participation of a good veterinarian, an incorrectly performed operation can threaten serious complications and jeopardize the health of the ferret. The ferret’s hair itself has a musky smell, many people like this smell, however there are those who simply can’t stand it, so before buying a ferret it is very important to talk with the breeder and visit the house where the ferret is kept, in order to understand whether you like this smell or not.

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Beggars ferrets and magnificent actors are insanely stubborn to achieve their goal. You will learn the secrets of raising a ferret in the article “Raising a Ferret”.

It is believed that ferrets should be started by people who already have experience in caring for pets. Ferrets require a lot of attention and strength on the part of the owner.

Domestic ferrets are suitable for active and energetic people, true lovers of animals who can endure any inconvenience or sacrifice their sleep, peace and time to care for ferrets. After all, these nimble creatures are constantly in motion and retain their playful disposition throughout life. Do not start domestic ferrets for families with small children, retirees, people who are often absent from home because of business trips.

If you still decided to get a domestic ferret, it is advisable to get detailed advice from breeders or in specialized breeding ferret clubs to evaluate your pet care capabilities. After all, after weighing the pros and cons, you will make a decision that you will not regret later. And do not forget that domestic ferrets with only one of their cheerful and optimistic appearance are able to dispel any hints of depression and bad mood. They share their charge of energy and increase the mood of their owners. They are very interesting and pleasant to watch, communicate with them and make friends.

Love animals and let communication with them color your life with joyful colors!

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