Homemade Ferret Toys And Tunnels

The ferret is a very agile pet that cannot live for a minute sitting in one place. They constantly need to look for minks and hide their prey. In order for the pet not to spoil the expensive furniture with booty or to hide in a place where he may be injured, you should take something with him.

Homemade Ferret Toys And Tunnels

Ferret loves to play in the tunnel

Homemade Pet Tunnels

Ferrets are predators by nature and prey on small animals, penetrating minks. At home, providing a ferret with a similar hunt and game is difficult, but worth a try.

Tunnel. Things to Remember

Making a do-it-yourself tunnel for a ferret is quite simple, but you need to follow a few rules:

  • The edges and joints of a makeshift tunnel should be safe for the pet. It is necessary to make reliable braids for the edges, so as not to injure the pet.
  • The size of the tunnel should be larger than the body of the animal in volume. In order for the ferret to play and frolic in the tunnel, space is needed. You need to measure the body volume of the pet in the widest part, in your opinion, and build a toy with respect to these parameters.
  • The longer, the more interesting. With your own hands and with the proper amount of materials, you can assemble a long and safe tunnel in which the pet will spend a long time having fun.
  • Take care of ventilation. The longer the structure, the more air the animal needs for a comfortable game.

It is possible to make a tunnel for a ferret from several types of material, but you should decide which one to choose based on the physical data of the animal.

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Homemade Ferret Toys And Tunnels

The tunnel can be made from a suitable hose

Tunnel of plastic bottles

The easiest tunnel to make, which you can make yourself, in just a few minutes with your own hands, is a tunnel made of plastic bottles. The manufacturing algorithm is very simple:

  1. Take the required number of bottles of two-liter volume.
  2. Rinse them thoroughly from the original contents and dry.
  3. Separate the labels from the bottles and cut the bottom and neck.
  4. Treat the edges of the bottles with tape or cloth. This must be done so that the pet does not get hurt.
  5. Make ventilation holes in the tunnel and also protect the edges with a cloth.
  6. Connect the parts of the tunnel together. Done!

Ferrets love toys of this kind, it is very important that the toy attracts the attention of a pet with brilliance or rustling, and then the tunnel is doomed to success.

Homemade Ferret Toys And Tunnels

The tunnel of bottles can be improved with improvised materials

Cardboard tunnel

Making a tunnel yourself from cardboard is easier than from plastic bottles. It is necessary to select the boxes of the required diameter and connect them using tape.

To make the tunnel attractive for your pet, you need to arrange a digging complex in it.

By nature, ferrets love not only climbing into all kinds of small holes, but also dripping. So that the pet does not turn the whole apartment upside down, you can make a tunnel with rustlers.

Homemade Ferret Toys And Tunnels

For the manufacture of the tunnel, cardboard boxes and tubes of suitable size will fit

Tunnel of water fittings

Such a design is costly, but easier to assemble and maintain.

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To assemble the structure, you do not need special skills. Water fittings are connected as a designer and are easily placed at any angle.

At the end of such a game complex, build a compartment where the animal will play. Take a few 19 liter bottles and fill them with ping pong balls or plastic caps. Suitable for filling is silica gel cat litter. It is safe and non-toxic.

How thoroughly you approach the problem of creating a game complex for a pet depends on how you spend the day. If your pet likes the toy, you can not worry about his whereabouts. The animal will not rummage in flower pots and a bin, climb under the bathtub or skoda on the balcony. All this will be replaced by a makeshift tunnel.

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