How Many Ferrets Live – Myths And Reality

The word "ferret" says a lot to any resident of the village. Forest polecat – a thunderstorm of forest birds and domestic chickens, the closest relative of the sable, a vivid representative of the mustelids. Nevertheless, this animal was tamed and bred in Europe even before the mass appearance of cats in it.

Hand ferrets are not very common in Russia, but their breed exists. They have good intelligence. They are easily tamed, very affectionate, do not bite. However, any villager can tell a lot of tales about a ferret. It is believed that this animal is aggressive, will not calm down until it chokes all the hens, once in the chicken coop.

They are smelly. This is the second legend. Once in the chicken coop, they start such a stink that the hens themselves fall from the perch. In fact, domesticated ferrets from ancient times have been used by humans to kill rodents. They were attracted even to hunt rabbits. Frightened by something, they can really smell. But he is not so strong that the chickens from him suffocated!

Life in nature

Males in nature are really quite aggressive. Therefore, when breeding a domestic breed, the most affectionate and intelligent animals were selected. Due to the smell, which is still palpable, it is better to castrate males. The wild animal, apparently, for a long time diverged in the breed from home, they even have a different set of chromosomes. How many ferrets live in nature? Wild lives in nature for only two or three years, this is due to the many dangers that await this animal at every turn.

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Life at home

How many ferrets live at home? Such an animal has already lost its existence in nature so much that it will not live there even a year. However, with careful care, he lives from 5 to 8 years. But there are cases when ferrets lived at home for 10, 12, or even 15 years. But for him to live so much, he will need to work hard, devoting a lot of time to his nutrition, health and safety.

How Many Ferrets Live - Myths And Reality

Home Content

Even a domesticated animal still remains a predator. So, how many ferrets live in the house, so much time they will need meat, poultry, fish and insects. Yes, they can be fed with special dry food, but they just need to at least occasionally eat plenty of raw meat. Just be careful to give them fish. Suitable mackerel, flounder, trout, cod. It’s nice to give quail eggs a couple of times a week. It is not necessary to remind that all food should be raw, boiled meat will only harm the animal. Very safe life of a domestic ferret is greatly affected. This creature is so mobile, curious and curious that you can’t even put them near a cat.

How many ferrets live if kept in cages? You can’t do this for a long time. This freedom-loving animal will either get out of it at the first opportunity, or make it release, or die of longing. Ferrets, as long as they live in a home apartment, will try to escape from it all the time. For life, the animal is suitable insulated loggia or one room, or the whole apartment. And if, nevertheless, a cell is used, then it must be very spacious. Shelter house, trays, bowls, toys should be placed in it. The latter should be used all the time, how many ferrets live in the house, but in no case fur, which the pet will simply tear up and swallow synthetics, and even get sick. It should be durable thick latex toys. And you also need stairs, hammocks, swings and other entertainment for this frisky animal. Otherwise, he will have fun with household furniture, dishes and everything he gets to.

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