How To Choose A Ferret

The ferret must be healthy, strong and possess innate good immunity. this will save you from many problems of the veterinary plan in the future. Obviously, the health immunity of a Khorenka depends on the health of the immunity of its parents, and the appearance of healthy offspring is more likely from good producers.

Khorenok should have adequate behavior. This means that he should not be afraid of a person and should not be aggressive towards him. In the period of early learning, active communication with a person allows the ferret to develop such qualities as non-malignant, sociable interest in people. In the language of ethology, this is called imprinting. Imprinting is possible only in early childhood, which is why it is so important that puppies grow up in an atmosphere of human attention. This means that we need a home breeding khorenok. The most optimal age when you can pick up a little ferret. from 1.5 to 4-5 months.

It is necessary to have “after-sales support” so that there is someone to turn to for advice and answers to questions How to choose a ferret necessarily arise from the first day).

Horyatas, which were bred as a result of breeding work and which from childhood were surrounded by human care and attention, can only be found at ferret breeders. However, not all breeders are professionals in their field, and far from all breeders, ferrets meet our criteria.

After choosing a breeder, make an appointment with him. Try not to limit yourself to a time frame in order to properly observe the Khoryatians, their parents, ask everything in detail and discuss “over a cup of coffee”.

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If you ever see ferrets for the first time, try to temporarily calm down emotions and engage in impartial observation of the puppies by their mother. Watching the khoryats, you need to pay attention to three points: the appearance, behavior and movements of the beast.

Appearance: A healthy Khorenka is moderately well-fed, his fur is clean, soft, even and without bald spots. The eyes are clear, clean and alive, vibrissae are not brittle. The nose is clean, without secretions, cold and wet, how to choose a ferret in a dog (if the ferret is sleeping or has just woken up, the nose is warm).

Behavior. A healthy ferret is curious playful, although somewhat awkward at an early age. Take it in your hands. The animal should not bite too much; however, if he perceives your communication with him as a game, he may nibble a little. Khorenka should not be afraid of human hands. Sometimes, if the Khorenka is sleepy (little Khoryatians sleep a lot), it takes him some time to wake up. Take your time, wait for full awakening to check the activity of the animal.

If the animal is apathetic, lethargic, is not interested in the outside world, then perhaps it is sick. The obvious shyness and aggressiveness indicates that no one was engaged in raising puppies.

Movement. It is very important that the Khorenok run confidently, and the hind legs do not creep to the side. Only for very young puppies (1.5 months), a slight crawl of paws on smooth surfaces is permissible. The condition of the paws. one of the indicators is whether the ferret is sick with rickets, or osteodystrophy.

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Cases of rickets are not uncommon among inexperienced breeders and “breeders” (people who breed ferrets solely for profit and do not care about the quality of litters). Of course, such people will never admit that their puppies are sick, finding a lot of reasons and crawling paws, a curved spine. Therefore, be vigilant, believe your eyes and feelings, and not other people’s words.

Most often, rickets is the result of improper feeding of the female during pregnancy, sometimes it happens in puppies too young females. It is difficult to treat this disease for a long time, and it is not possible to achieve a complete cure.

The spine is also a good indicator of rickets. In a healthy puppy, the spine is curved upward in an arc, without curvature dips in the lateral plane. You can verify this by sliding your fingers along the ridge. Feel the ribs: they should be barrel-shaped, how to choose a circular saw angular. The chest should not be hollow to the touch. If you take the puppy in your arm in the chest area, it should leave a feeling of an elastic barrel.

How To Choose A Ferret

In a rickety ferret, the spine can be curved in the lateral plane; there may be hollows in the back. The ribs are often angular, and the rib cage is flattened in the direction from the abdomen to the back. When moving, such an animal strongly places its hind legs to the sides. the so-called "pinnipeds": paws due to weak ligaments can not be in a normal position.

Observation of the mother is being fermented. Watching the mother, make sure she is active, strong and looks good. She should calmly let her puppies in her arms play with them. This indicates how to choose the cross section of the wire to the person, which is transmitted genetically and to her offspring.

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Intuition plays a big role in choosing a ferret. No matter how illogical it sounds, listen to your feelings, even if you are seeing ferrets for the first time. Well, if there is such an opportunity, ask an experienced ferret for help in choosing a puppy.

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