How To Contain A Ferret Guide To Action

How To Contain A Ferret Guide To Action

Ferret’s place in man’s house

Depending on the conditions of your stay – the dimensions of the apartment, the number of rooms – the animal can be placed in a cage or let it live freely in the house. It’s great when the owners have the opportunity to highlight the ferret separate room. But even in this case, it is necessary to purchase a small house for the animal in case of cleaning, the arrival of guests and for transportation.

If you put the animal in a cage, this does not mean that it will wither in captivity. He will get used to these conditions, but he will need to be daily run out for a couple of hours. It will be easier to control the ferret. He will avoid the danger of being pinned by the doors or the mechanism of the sofa, which often happens with animals that freely run around the apartment.

Also, thinking about how to keep a ferret, remember that he can dig up potted plants, gnaw wires, climb into all the cracks that he can access, which is also dangerous for his life.

Ferret food

It is very important to pay attention to the proper nutrition of the pet. It is the key to his health and longevity. Ferret – predator, therefore, meat occupies an important place in his diet. The ideal food for him is live or recently euthanized chickens, mice, or rat pups. But not every owner has the opportunity and desire to deliver this food to his pet’s table every day. We will help you make a menu for the animal in such a way that you will not be tormented by the thought of how to keep the ferret, giving him a minimum of meat products.

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Veterinarians and ferret breeders believe that animals feel great if the basis of their diet is minced meat. They can be prepared on meat, chicken and fish broth. Here recipe example: chop raw beef and cook for 30-40 minutes. After this time, add buckwheat, rice, millet, oatmeal in equal proportions to the broth, add salt and cook until the cereals are ready. Ready-made mincemeat should be soft.

Before feeding, the meal is important. cool. Hot ferret is contraindicated. It can cause dangerous disturbances in the work of the internal organs of the animal.

You can add vitamins and various dietary supplements to the porridge, which the veterinarian will recommend, he can also give tips on how to contain a ferret.

A small predator can be fed various offal (raw or boiled) – chicken stomachs, hearts, necks, heads, lungs, liver. As well as beef, horsemeat, turkey, fillet of sea fish.

Twice a week, ferrets are recommended raw eggs and dairy products. The animal can eat any vegetables. But often pampering it with fruits is prohibited. For those who are interested in how to properly feed a ferret, it is important to know that his body absorbs starch and fructose very poorly. Also animal can not be given smoked meats, sausages, sweets, cookies, pickles, milk, bread.

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