How To Feed A Ferret

How To Feed A Ferret

If you have never kept these cute animals at home, the question is “how to feed a ferreta "can be confusing. However, if you follow our recommendations, your pet will be healthy and cheerful.

How To Feed A Ferret

How to feed a domestic ferret?

Ferrets can be fed with both dry foods and natural products. The main thing is that the diet is complete and balanced.

If you choose the first option, look for specialized dry ferret food. Food should be super premium class.

For natural feeding, keep in mind that ferrets are predators and therefore need a lot of protein. So it’s definitely not worth making a vegetarian out of a pet. It is necessary to feed the ferret meat (chicken, turkey, duck). You can give the ferret boiled sea fish (boneless) and eggs. From time to time it is permissible to feed the ferret lean beef or lamb (boiled).

Some owners feed minced meat ferrets. As a rule, this is a mixture of poultry (including offal) and boiled porridge (buckwheat, rice or oatmeal). You can add cottage cheese. However, keep in mind that the proportion of meat in this dish should be at least 80%.

Make sure that there is always fresh water available (especially if you offer dry food to the ferret), otherwise your pet will get dehydrated or overheated. Water should be at room temperature.

Bowls for food and water are washed regularly.

How To Feed A Ferret

Is it possible to feed a ferret dog or cat food?

Not! The ferret’s nutritional requirements are significantly different from those of dogs and cats. So if you are choosing dry food, stop at the one that was developed specifically for ferrets. In addition to the health benefits, a specialized food will help the ferret keep his teeth healthy.

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Can I give a ferret bone?

The jaws of ferrets are adapted for crushing bones. In addition, bones are a source of nutrients. So bones need to be added to the ferret’s diet.

How many times to feed a ferret?

If you have observed the ferret’s behavior for a long time, you must have noticed that he constantly “has a bite”. The metabolic processes in these animals go quickly, so strictly regulating their diet (2-3 times a day) is not the best solution. Ferrets need constant access to feed. Your task is to fill it in time and make sure that the food does not spoil.

As a rule, in the "free" mode, the ferret eats 7-10 times a day, but does not overeat at the same time. Ferrets know the measure and are not prone to being overweight.

What can not be fed a ferret?

There are products that in no case should be given to a ferret. This carrot, apples, dairy products (except cottage cheese), flour, sweets, fried, fatty and smoked, raw fish, whole nuts, as well as waste from your table.

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