How To Feed A Ferret At Home

The life and fate of your domestic ferret depends on proper nutrition. If he eats improperly, he faces obesity, lack of vitamins, hair loss and disease. How and with what to feed a ferret?

Ferret – this is not a dog or cat, cat and dog food obviously will not suit him. The problem here is that they began to produce food for ferrets relatively recently, although they have been keeping them at home for a long time. This is because the number of domestic ferrets is not as high as that of other pets, so they were in no hurry to release food for them.

The main advice: Read more materials and books about ferrets, find out their habits, habits and physiology in order to better understand them.

What does a ferret eat? Ferret Food

First of all, this carnivorous animal. He eats meat, that is, other animals. The ferret’s teeth and jaws are designed to gnaw meat and even grind bones.

There is a lot of protein in meat, without which the ferret cannot live. Proteins contain amino acids, on the basis of which the whole body of the ferret is built.

The ferret may well live next to the dog and cat, but he should not eat their food. Their feed does not have the amount of protein the ferret needs.

Meat is suitable for ferrets chicken, turkey, duck, fish and eggs. The protein in these products is well absorbed, and the ferret has an accelerated metabolism. His food is completely digested and assimilated within three hours. You have probably noticed that ferrets are very nimble, which is precisely why: they quickly absorb energy and quickly burn it.

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If the ferret is sick, he can be given chicken stock and baby food based on chicken.

Meal Intervals

For ferrets not necessary set a lunch schedule, as is done for dogs. Ferrets love to eat little by little, but often, up to 10 times a day. They themselves can control the amount of food consumed, that is, they will not eat too much at a time. Place fresh food in a bowl gradually and constantly so that the animal always has something to chew, they love it.

What is better not to give ferrets

Ferrets poorly absorb plant foods. This is due to the structure of their intestines, in which there are simply no departments that herbivores have for digesting food. Do not give ferrets apples, carrots, cabbage. They can lead to intestinal obstruction and even suffocation.

Chocolate contains ferments that are dangerous for the body. Sweet ferrets are also not allowed, they may develop diabetes and spoil their teeth.

Dairy products are contraindicated in ferrets, as they contain lactose, which will cause the animal to vomit and diarrhea.

Bakery products are also very difficult to digest.

Ferret Drink

Ferrets very often drink water. They can go to the drinker more than 20 times a day. Water should be clean and cool. These mischievous animals love to tip bowls, so it’s best to use ball drinker.

Ferrets are very fond of playing with water, so create conditions for them so that the water does not splash too much.


Best for a ferret is natural fresher meat and fish. If you do not have such an opportunity, you can give dog food with a high protein content, but then your pet will not be as active as it would be on meat.

How To Feed A Ferret At Home

If you live in a country house, very well suited as feed the mouse.

Ferret is very agile, put him heavy bowl, which is hard to knock over when eating.

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