How To Feed A Ferret At Home

Recently, the domestic tenor has become a popular trend. Nimble and playful – these funny animals give their owners a sea of ​​pleasure and pleasant moments. Among a large number of representatives of the marten family, ferrets are certainly the most predatory. They live mainly in forests, but some fearless specimens do not hesitate to go to nearby villages, and especially extreme individuals even live in human houses. So what does the ferret eat?

How to feed the ferrets?

Taking into account the fashion for ferrets – ferret and furo, the issue of their feeding at home becomes urgent. Ferrets are predators, and plant foods are not suitable for their digestive system. The easiest food option for your pet is special food designed to meet all the needs of the animals. Particularly compassionate owners manage to diversify the menu with products that are similar in energy value to those that animals use in natural living conditions.

Ferret’s Natural Diet

Their habitat is represented mainly by forest terrain: they chose the edges of the forest, bordering water bodies.

Ferret in the wild

They live in makeshift holes, and the entrance to their home is often located under an old stump. They spend most of the daytime at the front door in the bush, from where it is quite problematic to see them. The peak of their activity occurs in the time after sunset and in the predawn hours. In winter, the nocturnal predator gains weight up to 2.5 kg, and by the summer it loses much weight. It reaches a length of about 0.5 m, and the length of life in natural conditions is about 6 years.

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In the wild, he regrets what he can catch. The ferret almost does not eat plants, its diet consists mainly of food of animal origin: small rodents, moles, shrews and mouse voles. It does not disdain amphibians: it eats with pleasure lizards, frogs, newts and other creeping reptiles. Prefers hedgehog meat as a delicacy. Despite the prickly needles of this insectivore, the animal fearlessly attacks the animal. Sometimes a ferret busts bird nests in search of little chicks. If the opportunity presents itself, she will easily catch a muskrat or even a hare!

Ferrets are incredible hunters

They are great hunters with incredible flair and intuition. They are able to sneak up on a victim so silently that sometimes such timid and sensitive birds like black grouse and hazel grouse fall into its paws. You can’t frighten this animal even with a snake, regardless of whether it is a poisonous viper or a harmless one. The capture of large insects is also on his shoulder.
Running into the village settlements, he does not disdain to pamper himself with local chicken or goose meat, depending on existing options, and to satisfy his hunger, one individual is often not enough.

Ferrets are famous for their habit of leaving food "for a rainy day." No matter how full he may be, he will continue to hunt until he makes a substantial supply of food, hidden in a place hidden from prying eyes.

In the warm season, mother nature is favorable to the inhabitants of the forest, providing them with large amounts of food. However, with the onset of cold weather – the pores when the hares matured, the chicks grew, and the frogs fell into suspended animation until better times arrived, the list of “products” is significantly reduced. But even in this situation, born hunters learned to survive: a magnificent scent helps them find prey, which is under a deep layer of snow. Rats, mice, grouse hiding at night and other feathered birds – no one will slip away from their keen eyes.

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Home Ferret Diet: Complete List of Allowed Foods

Since the ferret is a striking example of a predatory animal, it is necessary to regale it, first of all, with meat.

How To Feed A Ferret At Home

Since ferrets are predators, they prefer meat

The basis for its gastronomic delights are chicken or turkey meat and low-fat veal. Due to the fact that beef and pork are digested worse, it is not recommended to offer this meat to a ferret. To make food more diverse, you can include fish products in your diet. The animal eats cod and herring with pleasure. Trout, mackerel and other delicious representatives of the eye-eyed are also suitable.

In a natural habitat, the ferret eats its prey whole. In this regard, it is recommended to include hard meat in the home food, leaving bones and cartilage. With great pleasure, he feasts on a chicken neck or head. But it is better to refrain from eating legs: they consist of tubular bones, and poorly chewed pieces can injure the digestive tract of a pet.

A properly composed diet is a guarantee of the health and longevity of any creature on the planet. Ferrets have a fast metabolism, which requires a particularly careful approach to their feeding. Even the smallest mistakes in consequence are fraught with the appearance of serious diseases.

Ferret Water

Being in the bosom of the wild, ferrets in the selection of the main "dishes" are surprisingly stable.

Individuals living in conditions of increased home comfort have not so far gone from their predatory ancestors.

The nutrients they need daily are found in the following foods:

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