How To Feed A Ferret

Some other hundred years ago it would never have occurred to anyone that a ferret can be kept at home! It is this cute looking animal that is a real predator and can eat chickens, chickens, ducklings and other animals. But not many people know that it was the ferret that was domesticated in antiquity and members of aristocratic families allowed themselves to keep it as a pet. What can be fed the animal at home and what he absolutely can not eat? We will discuss these and a number of other issues in this material. But first, let’s say a few words about the animal.

How To Feed A Ferret

His Majesty the Ferret!

As you know, the animal belongs to the family of marten. The ferret is small, but, nevertheless, a predator. In the natural environment, the animal often preys on small rodents, such as mice, ground squirrels, squirrels and other animals. The ferret will also like the bird that he can catch. Sometimes a predator manages to feast and eat a fish or a frog. He will not eat them often, but rather in order to slightly diversify his diet. If in a natural environment the ferret, as well as the weasel, lives near the village houses, then he will certainly not miss the opportunity not to go to the chicken coop and catch a couple of juicy chickens.

Only two types of ferrets are known: these are forest and furo. By the way of life, animals are more lonely. They are used to living in proud loneliness and are more likely to lead a secluded ascetic lifestyle. In a natural environment, a ferret can live up to four years, but at home, it sometimes lives up to twelve years. This is primarily due to high-quality and balanced food. So, if you decide to make another predator happy and give him longevity, you need to know what to feed him with.

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Feeding Features

As you already understood from our story, a predator loves meat and fish very much. This is the most commonly used food in the ferret’s diet, which must be present at home. Those. Now, you will not have any doubts about the predatory predilections of your pet, and you will definitely remember how to feed the ferret in the first place. This is meat. In addition, it is important to understand that food is digested by animals from 3 to 7 hours. Therefore, you cannot immediately feed the ferret again after eating. It is also very important to know that the stomach of the predator does not absorb carbohydrates, but receives them in their pure form already processed from the meat of other animals. Therefore, sweet bread, purchased milk, cheese, chocolate ferret can not be given. And then what can you feed the animal at home?

The ferret diet may contain:

  • Fresh meat killed rats, mice, small chickens;
  • Minced meat mixed with porridge;
  • Concentrated dry food.

The first option of feeding at home is very difficult. Where can I get 2-3 dead mice per day in urban conditions? This seems like an almost unrealistic task, because even if there are, say, mice in a private house, they should not be given for long dead, but only fresh. Indeed, otherwise, a number of pathogenic bacteria can enter the ferret’s body, which can even lead to death.

The choice of dry concentrated feed for ferrets is huge. Look at the behavior of your pet, if it is active, alert and full of energy, it means that the food is completely suitable for it. But in the case of gastrointestinal problems, lack of appetite, you can not give the wrong mixture.

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If you correctly learned all the tips, then your favorite will live happily ever after.

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