How To Keep A Ferret At Home, But Carefully

  • Apartment preparation
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Progress inexorably steps forward, affecting more and more areas of everyday life. Not without modernization of views on pets and more and more potential owners do not think about acquiring the usual kittens, parrots and puppies. Much stronger than people are attracted by the prospect of having a home, for example, a ferret – a playful and nimble animal that will not make its owners bored. But where to get it and how to provide a comfortable habitat for a small predator?

    How To Keep A Ferret At Home, But Carefully


    The best solution is to take the pet from an experienced choreographer. It will take a lot of time and effort to search for him, but he will not appear immediately. There are many scammers in this industry that should be avoided based on the criteria below.

    A conscientious specialist will open the sale of small ferrets in advance when the puppies were just born. You should make an appointment to look at the animals with your mother and pay for the reservation of the future pet. The process of acquiring a healthy and cheerful ferret is long, but the duration of such an event is justified by concern for the harmonious development of the pet, the correctness of its education by a specialist, and many more factors.

    How To Keep A Ferret At Home, But Carefully

    Who and what should be avoided when buying a pet

    Apartment preparation

    After the pet is found, the reservation is paid, and the ferret is old enough to excommunicate him from the mother, the house should be prepared for the arrival of the animal. The ferret is a predatory mink animal, and therefore any cracks and holes in the walls and floor of the apartment risk becoming a permanent habitat for the pet.

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    How To Keep A Ferret At Home, But Carefully

    It is necessary to remove all valuable, fragile, easily creasing and tearing, as well as potentially dangerous things as far as possible from the zone of movement of a small creature. Otherwise, they will be appropriated and securely hidden in the treasury, which is guaranteed to be created by the ferret in the shortest possible time.

    You should also equip a small nook for your pet, purchase a drinking bowl, feeder and toys. Special figures made of dense latex without small, easily tearing away parts are perfect. But in no case can you put all this in a tight cage! The ferret is a very freedom-loving beast and in an excessively limited space it will feel very bad.

    How To Keep A Ferret At Home, But Carefully

    Advantages and disadvantages

    What awaits next? The question is complex, because each ferret has its own character and temperament, grown and raised under different circumstances by different people. But summarizing, we can distinguish the following possible difficulties associated with such a pet:

    1. The smell of an uncastrated male, excessive aggressiveness during the rutting season. You can avoid this by paying the appropriate operation. One has only to find a qualified specialist.
    2. High probability of death of an unsterilized female. Here the issue of operation is much more serious and often the breeder takes care of it. But if a choricha is purchased from an unscrupulous specialist, you can simply be late with sterilization, because the ferret itself will not be able to get out of estrus, which provokes anemia and a further fatal outcome.
      How To Keep A Ferret At Home, But Carefully
    3. Ferret must be properly educated. Otherwise, there is a great risk of getting forever biting, lumping a wad of anger marking every centimeter of living space. To prevent this will take a lot of effort, time and money. You will also need to have certain skills and knowledge, the acquisition of which will also take a lot of resources.
    4. The ferret will constantly dig, bite, break and steal things. The animal is wild, and therefore, no matter how well-educated the pet is, it will still build caches and dig up walls.
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    The rest of the ferret is a playful, agile and very affectionate animal. And most importantly, each animal is unique, has its own specific set of character traits and is not deprived of the mind. Such a favorite few can leave indifferent.

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