How To Keep A Ferret In The Apartment

Ferrets are small animals. They do not require a lot of space and some specific conditions. They can even be carried in handbags. In addition, these animals do not need to walk, just hold in your hands. And the animal gets used to the leash quickly – a maximum of three attempts is enough.

There are three main options for keeping ferrets in an apartment.

Most popular cell content, because This is the easiest way, but at the same time not the most attractive. The ferret in the cage is not much trouble, but to communicate in this way with him, too, will not work.

However, this approach is fully justified if there are children in the house and it is not possible to completely secure the apartment.

Here you will need a well-equipped cage where the animal feels safe and comfortable. A mandatory event here – every day you need to let the animal free for two to three hours so that it does not fall into boredom and does not get sick.

It is important to always monitor the state of the animal – if its behavior is very different from usual, you need to "beat the bells": seek the help of a specialist from a veterinary clinic. You can also call a veterinarian at home if urgent intervention is required.

Another way to keep ferrets in captivity is by living on the balcony. In this situation, it is necessary to specially equip it, which involves closing all the cracks and holes leading to the street, as well as glazing.

How To Keep A Ferret In The Apartment

In the summer, observation is necessary – so that there is no overheating of the balcony. Ferrets are all difficult to tolerate heat and may even die from sunstroke. In the situation when the animal is overheated, you must immediately call the veterinarian at home. As a rule, specialists at large veterinary clinics work around the clock. A doctor in a high probability will be able to save the life of the animal.

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In winter, however, there will be much less cause for concern. Ferrets are adapted even to severe cold – they will feel great even at very low temperatures. It is necessary to send the animal to a permanent place of residence at least in September – so the animal will get used to the impending cold weather and grow fur as much as required.

And finally, the third option – ferret lives right in the apartment. In this case, the ferret is almost a companion, a friend of a person and his constant companion while in the kitchen, hallway, living room and even the bedroom.

But here it is already necessary to seriously consider the arrangement of the apartment and also the whole process of educating a smart and obedient animal. Communication will then be very interesting and varied.

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