How To Make A Comfortable Hammock For Your Ferret From Improvised Materials

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  • Fans of pets will benefit from a master class on how to make a hammock with your own hands. Most pets will appreciate the craft, as a hammock will provide an opportunity to sit comfortably for sleep and will become a good place for games. The word "hammock" in most people is associated with relaxation and lazy rest.

    Such associations arise due to the fact that the suspended hammock takes the form of a body, which means that you can take the most comfortable position and relax. So pets love to hang and sleep in hammocks, because for them it is the most comfortable place to sleep.

    Why is it needed

    It should be understood that the hammock for the ferret is not just another "fun". These animals will always prefer a hammock to ordinary stove benches, boxes or mattresses. Why? It’s all about the choir nature: these animals are used to living in holes, on soft earth, which is able to take the shape of their body. Only in this way they can feel comfort and security.

    How To Make A Comfortable Hammock For Your Ferret From Improvised Materials

    In a favorite hammock, a ferret can spend the lion’s share of his leisure time: sleep, play, watch what is happening around. Often, hammocks for ferrets are practically houses (and there are actual houses sewn according to the hammock principle).

    The hammock is easy to sew, and with several of these products, you can change the bed of ferrets (depending on the season and degree of contamination). In summer, you can make a thin or wicker hammock, and in winter – specially insulated or closed.

    In other words, the hammock is an ideal adaptation for rest and leisure of the pet.

    What are the hammocks for ferrets

    In a broad sense, hammocks for ferrets are hanging couches that can be of different sizes and shapes. The hammock can be either single-layer or multi-layer, depending on how much the ferret likes to gnaw objects.

    How To Make A Comfortable Hammock For Your Ferret From Improvised Materials

    Multilevel Ferret Hammock

    The most popular types are:

    • classic wicker, like those that are made for people, only much smaller;
    • fabric, representing a square or rectangular flap of fabric with ties or carabiners in the corners for hanging;
    • a hammock-pillow, similar to a fabric one, only foam rubber, rustling balls or a synthetic winterizer for warming are added inside;
    • a hammock pipe, or, as it is also called, a hammock tunnel – something between a hammock and a house;
    • hammock made of felt boots.

    Primary requirements

    The sizes of hammocks of the main sizes vary from 30×30 cm to 35×45 or 35×60 (in length). The length of the ties is calculated as the distance to the subject plus the margin.

    In some cases, to hang the hammock, carabiners are attached to the ties; in this case, you will need four carbines, and in others, all the ties are assembled, joined together at the top and attached to the ring. The animal in this case lies in an unfolded hammock (unless, of course, he likes it).

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    A ferret hammock pattern is a rectangle or square. If you decide to make a hammock tunnel, then the width of the fabric flap should be at least 50 cm, and the length, say, 60 cm. Depending on the operating conditions, a single-layer hammock (or with a lining) and laces for hanging (can be made of durable synthetic tissue).

    How To Make A Comfortable Hammock For Your Ferret From Improvised Materials

    The lining and the main fabric are folded with the front sides, sewn on three sides; then the resulting "bag" is turned out, and the fourth side is sewn or hemmed manually. In length, the rectangle is joined into a roll with overlapping edges (several centimeters) and stitched several times.

    The firmware location is located in the upper center; about 7-8 cm from both sides of the pipe are measured from it on both sides, after which two cords for hanging are adjusted along the length, which are thoroughly fixed at the edges of the hammock tunnel. It is also possible to fasten four shoelaces with a slight indentation from the edge of the hammock.

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    Sewing a hammock

    You just need to find the desire and very little free time. If you have a sewing machine at home, this will speed up the process, but the ferret hammock can be sewn using a regular thread with a needle. First you need to decide on the material that you will use when sewing.

    Everything is simple here: if it is winter, accordingly, you can choose warm fabrics in which the ferret could warm up and sleep well. For the summer period, you can even choose a grid with very small holes for the hammock. In any case, when choosing a material, it is better to give preference to natural fabrics. The pattern of patterns you see below.

    How To Make A Comfortable Hammock For Your Ferret From Improvised Materials

    And so how to sew a hammock for a ferret? Very simple! It is necessary to take measurements of the cage, subtract 5-10 cm from each edge (depending on the size of your cage), cut a rectangular piece of fabric, and sew ropes at the corners of this rectangle, on which you will then attach a hammock to the cage. You can use wire instead of ropes so that the animal does not gnaw through the fastenings of its hanging crib.

    This is the easiest way to make a hammock. Many also hem various linings, insulation and even toys to make the ferret more fun, it all depends entirely on your imagination. Hanging the hammock too high is not worth it, because the animal can fall and be injured.

    From felt boots

    The easiest option for making yourself – a hammock made of felt boots. It is enough to sew ties, straps, chains or carabiners (they can be cut off from a broken backpack or old bag) to the felt boots so that the bootleg remains in a horizontal position after hanging, and the sock "looks up".

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    If desired, several small pockets can be sewn to the bootleg, in which the ferret will hide his finds

    Hammock pillow

    A hammock cushion is made almost the same as a fabric hammock, only you need to take a little more fabric flaps as a basis (at least a square with a side of 35 cm), and after turning the main part of the hammock inside, put foam rubber, rustling balls or loosely fill the blank with synthetic winterizer, and only then sew up the fourth side.

    How To Make A Comfortable Hammock For Your Ferret From Improvised Materials

    A ferret cushion is made according to the same principle as a fabric one.

    The hanging bed can be supplemented with a hidden pocket by sewing another piece of cloth the size of the base to the pillow. In this case, the pet will be happy to "dive" inside this pocket and hide his "prey" in it.

    Hammock pipe

    Do it yourself with your own hands and make a hammock pipe. Two rectangular flaps of fabric about 40×60 cm in size and a flap of thin foam rubber or dense synthetic winterizer slightly smaller than the fabric flaps are folded with a “sandwich”: the first flap is face down (on the table), on it is the gasket, and on top is the second flap of fabric with the wrong side to the gasket.

    In addition, you can sew several ferret toys by attaching them to short straps or laces.

    How To Make A Comfortable Hammock For Your Ferret From Improvised Materials

    Ferret Pipe

    The “sandwich” is fastened with pins and sewn around the perimeter, turning the sections of tissue flaps inward. If desired, quilted the entire surface of the workpiece. Next, the workpiece is rolled into a pipe along the long side, and the edges of the pipe are lapped together. Then, the ties are sewn, and if you want, pockets to the sides of the pipe and a flap of faux fur to the bottom from the inside.

    Out of the bag

    A wonderful hammock will be a small handbag or children’s handbag made from natural materials. The only thing is that before you launch the ferret into it, small parts and fittings need to be cut off. Summer openwork hammocks can be crocheted or weaved using the macrame technique, and warm winter “cradles” can be knitted.

    How To Make A Comfortable Hammock For Your Ferret From Improvised Materials

    With a little imagination, you can build ferret hammocks from the elements of your clothes: hood, sleeve, leg, sock, pocket, scarf, etc.

    How To Make A Comfortable Hammock For Your Ferret From Improvised Materials

    Tip: if you don’t want to bother with the ties, you can use ready-made straps, chains, carbines or tight cords such as a paracord instead.

    DIY hammock

    How To Make A Comfortable Hammock For Your Ferret From Improvised Materials


    1. It is better to have several different hammocks for a ferret, alternating them not only during the changing seasons, but also as they become dirty.
    2. The hammock-cloth can be suspended in the cage in different ways: in the open form – by tying or fastening to the rods, or in the folded-up – collecting all the ribbons together and attaching them to the upper wall of the cage.
    3. Caring for the health and well-being of your pets, use only natural fabrics and materials for sewing “stove benches”. (In addition, a ferret in a synthetic hammock can “sparkle” – from some materials its hair is electrified.)
    4. Do not sew toys that can be chewed and swallowed from the outside – if pieces of synthetic materials are not digested in the stomach, the animal may get sick and even die.
    5. Unlike the material, the color of the hammock does not have much significance for ferrets, since these animals do not distinguish bright shades.
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    Hello! My name is Ann. I am 21 years old and I adore little animals. Recently sewed a hammock for a ferret and I want to share my experience)))

    You will need:
    Square decorative fabric 27.5 x 27.5 cm
    Soft lining square 27.5 x 27.5 cm
    Slanting inlay 1.5 m
    Carabiners 4 pcs.
    Decorative cord

    Description of work:
    When choosing a fabric, keep in mind that the hammock will have to be washed, so shedding fabrics and materials that shrink during washing should not be used.
    From decorative fabric (ideally waterproof), cut out the part shown in the diagram. The inner “square” should be 18×18 cm.

    From velor, soft drape, plush, flannel or short faux fur, cut the same lining detail. Fold the details with the wrong sides and trim the ends of the “legs” with a slanting inlay. If desired, details can be quilted. Then sheathe the details around the perimeter with a slanting inlay so that four loops are formed on the “legs”. Pass the carabiners into the loops and, using a decorative cord, arrange suspensions of the desired length in the cage.

    I want to add that I saved 200 r. I advise everyone to do it yourself: save money and get a lot of emotions!)))))

    Good day. I’m Oksana. I am 31 years old. I read the description above how to make a hammock for a ferret with my own hands and decided to join the discussion. I want to introduce my summer hammock to get an opinion from the outside. Waiting for your ratings and hope that someone can even take notes.

    Ferret Summer Hammock
    Material Coarse calico.
    In the summer version of the hammock, there is no filler inside, just fabric.
    We take fabric: length 2 meters, sheeran 0.5 meters (these sizes are for our cell).
    Fold in half, stitch, and get a rectangle: 1m x 0.5 m
    It can be folded further in any version, I often fold so that the hole is in the middle or slightly offset to the side.
    Sew the edges, sew the stitches (you can strings, chains) and you’re done!

    How To Make A Comfortable Hammock For Your Ferret From Improvised Materials

    Gamachek turned out to be light and roomy, Lelka and Stepka are already sleeping in it

    How To Make A Comfortable Hammock For Your Ferret From Improvised Materials


    Hammocks for ferrets serve as a cradle, and a favorite toy, and a treasury, and even an observation point. If the animal likes its hanging couch, it will hurt less and play with great pleasure, so it is advisable to make several hammocks in the ferret so that he always has a clean bed.

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