How To Teach A Ferret To A Tray

Today, the ferret is becoming an increasingly popular pet. Of course, these creatures are very cute. But if you decide to keep the ferret in the apartment, then you need to think in advance about such a problem as accustoming to the tray. The ferret will have to patiently and lucidly explain many times that it is impossible to cope with need anywhere. They are more difficult to train than cats, but with a certain degree of persistence it is quite possible to make your pet clean.

Character and personality

These are pretty smart animals, which, in fact, they deserve such attention from the person. Almost all of them are very good at training, although some of them can be very stubborn. But the main. It is patience and perseverance. Since it is not very easy to train a ferret to a tray, weigh in advance whether you have enough time and energy for this.

Things to remember

When you take a ferret for yourself, you need to understand well that raising this animal will require a lot of effort from the owner. But then these investments will pay off. This is a good and very cheerful friend who will bring a lot of joy. But all this later. For now, you need to figure out how to train a ferret to the tray.

Best of all, if the acquisition of the animal you coincide with the vacation. Then you will have several weeks in order to control the learning process and direct it in the right direction. And of course, you need to have an idea of ​​some of the nuances of this process.

Patience and patience again

Speaking about how to train a ferret to the tray, I want to remind you how the mother teaches the baby to use the potty. Time after time she shows, reminds, tells fairy tales. No, in the case of an animal, this behavior should not be completely duplicated. You just need to relate to the learning process calmly, without unnecessary emotions.

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You cannot beat a ferret or poke your nose into puddles. You can not shout at him and lock him in a cage for a long time in order to punish him. This creature is very sensitive to rude attitude. Be patient and prepare at least 3 trays. And of course, read the instructions on how to train a ferret to the tray at home.

How To Teach A Ferret To A Tray

Home preparation

Even before the pet crosses the threshold of your home, everything should be ready to meet him here. Since we cannot train a ferret to go to the tray overnight, we will proceed in stages. You will definitely need a spacious and clean cage. But no matter how convenient it may be, a ferret cannot be kept in it constantly. He must be able to run around the room.

Cover the cage with unnecessary clothing and rags. They will come in handy later for our main goal. Set one tray directly in the cage. Be sure to secure it firmly. Playful creatures just love to move and turn everything around.

The first stage of training

Walking around the room is very important for the pet, but in the first days it is better to leave the animal to inhabit its house. Since accustoming a ferret to a tray in a cage is a priority, it should be in it most of the time. The speed of training depends on the age of the animal. Kids are most likely to get used to the tray, especially if they are females. Males and adolescents may ignore your attempts to impose their will on them.

You need to change the tray every day and often remove the litter. These creatures. terrible neat. A dirty and bad-smelling toilet does not appeal to them, as many think. On the contrary, they will do everything to avoid such a way to relieve themselves. Therefore, use bulking media or newspapers. The trays are best taken ordinary, rectangular, with a grate.

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How To Teach A Ferret To A Tray

Place in the house

The most effective way to train a ferret in a cage toilet. it is to closely monitor the behavior of your pet. Have to spend a lot of time next to the cell, at least for the first time. It is especially important to take a position when the pet is sleeping. His awakening. this is a signal for you. They always relieve themselves after rest. This is what you need to use. Take the animal in his arms as soon as he begins to slowly fidget. Do not wake, wait until the dream begins to finally leave it. After that, put the animal on the tray and distract attention with a treat so that it does not leave its place. When he has relieved himself, give him another treat and let go.

These creatures are very smart. Just a few times you will need to do such a trick. and the ferret will start walking on the tray on its own. Do not forget to wash it thoroughly every day, always with a detergent.

Free range

After the animal began to relieve the need on the spot, you can proceed to walk around the room. Ferrets love to walk, they will be happy to explore your home. Now you need rags, for which in the first days the animal relieved the need. It is required to arrange several trays in the room and put a small cloth in each of them. If the ferret has already mastered the toilet well, then accustoming to the tray during walks will be easy and free.

Weaning off shit anywhere

Now we have considered the ideal option. That you get a small animal from a good nursery, where you have already started to deal with it, and you just continue to instill the desired skill. But it happens differently. From the first day, the ferret begins to let out walk around the apartment, and this creature goes to the toilet wherever he wants. What to do in such a situation and how then to wean crap shit anywhere? You can not let everything go by chance. If you find a pet at the crime scene or find a secluded place during cleaning, use the instructions:

  • Wash the bleach to discourage the characteristic odor.
  • Cover the floor with rags from the house. They should smell like a ferret, but not be stained with its excrement.
  • Put a few pieces of food in this place.
  • Place the tray in this place and tighten it well.
  • If you see that the animal lifted its tail and backs off, then grab it and send it to the tray. No need to wait for him to cope anywhere.
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As you can see, a lot of time and effort will be required. This is another reason to think about whether you need such a pet.

Common mistakes

Training can be considered successful when the animal in 80% of cases goes to the tray. Do not require the animal to follow the rules perfectly. Sometimes you still have to clean up after him. If you are not ready to put up with it, just choose another animal for yourself.

  • If you started releasing a ferret from the cage before you accustomed it to the tray, do not be surprised at its tricks.
  • Keep the cage clean.
  • A pet can rebel as it grows older. Here you just need to show who is the boss in the house.

How To Teach A Ferret To A Tray

Walking on the street

Sometimes the owners ask the breeder how to train the ferret to the toilet on the street. It will not be difficult to do this. Just go out with him for a walk right after sleep. After some time, he himself, waking up, will be asked to take a walk and wait for the opportunity to relieve his need on the grass. But do not expect him to endure all day while you are at work. The need for a tray in this case remains.

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