How To Train A Ferret To A Tray

When ferrets begin to relieve themselves throughout the house, the question arises sharply, how to train a ferret to the tray. By nature, members of the mustelike family are very clean. They are very easy to train, they can execute simple commands.

It is necessary to start accustoming a pet to a pot immediately after its arrival at a new place of residence. But you need to understand that furo is not a domestic cat, training takes place differently.

How to train a ferret to the toilet

The educational process should begin in the very first hours of being at home. The individuals of this family are very smart and easy to learn, especially young ones.

Sometimes ferrets intentionally walk past the tray, trying to express their dissatisfaction with something. It is recommended that you just carefully observe and try to understand what is the matter.

Training ferrets is a long process that requires patience. The training takes place in stages and lasts up to six months. The first step is to find out the reason why the ferret walks past the tray.

Reasons why a ferret shits in corners

There can be many reasons, but mostly these are:

  • New / poorly washed container to cope
  • Inappropriate filler
  • The toilet is too far
  • In this way, the animal tries to express dissatisfaction.
  • Stress

Cage toilet training

The first couple of weeks it is advisable to limit the ferret from the apartment. A ferret toilet should be put in the cage, which will then be in the house.

The knowledge that the Hori are emptying later 10 minutes after sleep or a meal can be used during schooling. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. First you need to wake the pet, pick it up.
  2. As soon as he starts backing up and raising his tail, it is necessary to show the toilet.
  3. When everything worked out, it’s important to immediately reward your favorite with something tasty or by letting out for a walk.
  4. When the pet still managed to spoil, punishment should follow.
  5. Thoroughly clean the stool area with a special product so that the animal doesn’t numb.
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After the furo has eaten, all the same actions should be done. It is recommended to let him walk around the apartment only after emptying.

Trained in the apartment

If the place of keeping your pet is a big house, you need to arrange the containers for the needs on each floor, because a pet can simply be intolerant.

If this is a small room, you must put pots in all corners, and in one of them put a bowl of food.

As a rule, animals do not skod where they eat.

If there is any specific place where the ferret goes to the toilet constantly, it is worth washing it thoroughly, putting a container there to meet your needs.

Special tools

Punishment and encouragement

If the animal has inherited where it is not supposed to, you do not need to poke his nose like a cat. Furos have a keen sense of smell, it can only do harm. In order to punish him, you can shake the withers a little, but only immediately after he has guilty. You can express your dissatisfaction with the help of loud clapping with your hands or stamping your feet. Furo, having caught the host’s discontent, will try to rectify the situation.

How To Train A Ferret To A Tray

The Kunih family has a good memory, so the reward system is a great way to wean a ferret to shit. Every time a pet has relieved itself, where appropriate, right there treat him to a treat. It is important to do this right away.

In addition to delicacies, you need to iron the ferret and speak with it in a gentle voice after each emptying in the designated place.

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Special tank selection

Hori cannot go past everything that is bad. Therefore, they regularly displace interior items, as well as their containers to cope with needs. It is in connection with this that the ferret tray should be well fixed.

The container must be filled with filler. Wood fillers, preferably conifers, are best suited. If the polecat digs the filler or it causes irritation, you can try to completely remove the filler. In this case, cat pots with a grill are ideal.

You need to wash such a pot very carefully, with special detergents. If the choir does not like the smell, he completely abandons the toilet and begins to shit anywhere.


Some tips for maintenance and care for a representative of the Kunih family:

  • Regular and thorough cleaning of the room / cage
  • Regular airing of the room, while drafts should be avoided
  • Keeping in small rooms or multi-tiered cages, this contributes to the speedy adaptation

When all conditions of detention correspond to the norm, the pet feels comfortable and does not feel the need to inherit somewhere. It is important that at the time of accustoming to the tray, the owner should be nearby, carefully controlling this process, encouraging or scolding the pet, when appropriate.

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