How To Train A Ferret To The Tray.

How to train a ferret to the tray.

Ferrets are smart enough animals, therefore, although some of them can be quite stubborn, almost all of them can be trained. The main thing is to show patience and perseverance.

Put a little stool of a ferret or a piece of napkin soaked in his urine in the tray, so it will be easier for the ferret to understand that the tray is a place for the toilet. Note that many ferrets will not use the tray too dirty. The rest of the cage is best taken with bowls of food, toys and a soft litter. Defecating, the ferret assumes a characteristic position: starts to back slightly, arching his back, and raises its tail. Seeing this, grab the animal and quickly carry it to the tray.

How To Train A Ferret To The Tray.

Waking up, after 3-5 minutes the ferret goes to the toilet. This can be used: wake the beast, hold it in your hands until it begins to show concern, and then put it in the tray. As soon as the ferret has settled, praise him, treat him to a treat and let him go for a walk.

If the ferret shits in the wrong place, strictly chastise him and lock him in a cage. The place where the ferret relieves the need, process the means that destroy odors. Also try to put his bowl there, a stove bench or put rags.

Punishment will give a result only if the animal is caught “at the crime scene” or a little time has passed, otherwise it makes no sense to punish. Training will be greatly accelerated if you can constantly monitor your pet for several days.

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Remember to reward the ferret for success.

How to wean a ferret to bite.

Biting during the game is a natural behavior for ferrets, as well as for kittens and puppies.

In the game, the ferret can jump on you, open your mouth and even grab your hand with your teeth. Teeth are a tool with which they learn the world around them.

In addition, even the most affectionate domestic ferrets still remain predators. Remember – ferrets are not evil, they just need to explain how to behave.

If the ferret bit you:

  • Say loudly "Fu!" Or "You can’t!" And slightly push the ferret away;
  • Lift the ferret by the scruff, possibly shake it slightly;
  • Hiss at the horenka;
  • Bite him by the scruff of his neck;
  • Put him in a cage and stop paying attention to him for a while.

In any case, do not forget that each ferret has its own unique character and the methods that work in one case turn out to be useless in another. If the method you choose does not help, try something else.

Regardless of the method of education you choose, you need to remember a few general rules:

  • Do not forget to praise the ferret when he behaves well and treat him with goodies.
  • Never frustrate anger and irritation on a ferret.
  • Be patient and you will succeed.

© 2011 Roman Arsenov. h flax of the animal lovers club "Dolphin", ferret breeder. the owner of the household "Ferret".

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