How To Wean A Ferret To Bite At Home

Many people make mistakes when they see a ferret and compare it with a rat. Anyone who is familiar with this beast closer will see in his behavior a lot of manners from dogs and cats, which in an interesting way are combined with the mischief and activity of a furry animal. A domestic ferret can get very used to his master and be faithful to him. However, the behavior of this animal is truly unique and requires a lot of attention. Today we’ll talk about how to wean a ferret from biting, and why he does it at all. Consider the main methods in dealing with this unpleasant phenomenon. And for clarity, we suggest you watch the video on our page. But before you answer all the questions, and decide what to do, let’s take a closer look at the behavior of animals.

The polecat or chorus, also called the fresco, is an animal of the marten family. It has a beautiful silky coat, a long fluffy tail, smart eyes. Domestic ferrets belong to the forest type of animals.

They are distinguished by extreme activity, curiosity, participation, playfulness, sociability. This should be considered when considering animal behavior. A ferret is a freedom-loving animal that will have little space in a cramped cage. They like to travel around the apartment, explore the world around them. The cage itself should be equipped with everything necessary – a tray, feeders, drinking bowls, a hammock, toys and so on. Ferrets need to regularly cut their nails, get vaccinated, and try to avoid direct sunlight. Now about the behavior.

The playfulness of ferrets is a characteristic feature of all individuals, regardless of age. She does not disappear over the years. They really like to play not only with each other, but also with people, other pets. Their whole life seems to be subordinated to one process – the game. You can endlessly observe the behavior of these animals and admire them. One can even find some psychotherapeutic benefit in this. Ferrets love to play very much: they attack an imaginary opponent, imitate dance steps, fight each other, somersault, attack cats and dogs. The ferret bites playfully. Why it happens? Thus, he wants to show you his love and appreciation, to lure the game. He can do this unconsciously, impulsively, playfully. And believe me, they do not bite very much, because if desired, a predator could gnaw at your bone.

Interestingly, the behavior of males and females of these animals may differ. The beautiful half are much smarter, more independent and mobile. Males, on the contrary, are calm, strongly attached to their master, can do nothing for hours, and gently doze in their master’s arms. But this does not mean that only females bite.

Males can also be active and quick, flirt strongly and cause pain to the owner. Indeed, each rule has its own exceptions.

It would seem that it can relate the intensity and strength of the bite to the age of the ferret. But it turns out that there is a direct relationship. The thing is that the animal eventually becomes more calm, balanced. This happens already by the age of 6-8 months, when the period of puberty passes, which so much hormones were ejected from the body of the animal. Therefore, do not think that your pet will be so active and mobile always. He only needs to grow up and he will change. You will see.

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In a natural environment, ferrets are a partly social way of life. It is manifested by a small contact with relatives, and no more. Ferrets are not inclined to form large families and herd living. However, in a group of their own kind you can always determine the dominant male, who with all his appearance shows superiority over others.

The breeding season for predators is huge: it begins in late February and can last until the month of October. At this time, females and males can behave unpredictably and very aggressively. This should be especially taken into account during the period when the estrus begins in female individuals and the "marking of the territory" in pop ferrets. Please note that the process of copulation in animals is also very tactless and aggressive: the male attacks the female, grabbing her by the scruff of the neck. She screams and resists. The sight is not for children’s eyes, I will tell you.

How To Wean A Ferret To Bite At Home

Thus, whether your pet will bite depends on factors such as:

But still, animal bites do not bring anyone pleasure. What to do next? We will tell you how to wean a ferret from biting. You need to educate a predator from the very birth and make it clear in every way that this biting is unpleasant for you. Try to show your rejection biting with all your appearance, scream strongly at every bite. You need to do this regularly so that your animal understands that biting is not good.

These methods are very effective. However, when raising an animal, one cannot show aggression, beat him. For a physical blow will produce only a negative reaction from the ferret. Caress him more, say what you like and what not. This will allow you to rid your pet of a bad habit and enjoy spending time together.

The video presented on our page will show you how to solve the problem in more detail.

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Tell me, I’m telling my Valera when he starts gnawing at my fingers on the nose. And he begins to bite even more. What to do with it?

Arthur, dear, in no case do not hit the animal on the nose. His gentle bites for him are just a way of flirting, he wants to play with you, and you beat him in response. Of course, the ferret will respond with aggression. We advise you to carefully read our article again, which describes in detail the behavior of the animal, its motives. You can also watch a short video on the page. Learn the ferret, educate, and gradually the habit of biting you will disappear. Patience to you!

Many domestic ferrets bite painfully

Many owners of ferrets complain that despite the fact that they devote a lot of time to their pets, take good care of them (for more information about care and maintenance of ferrets at home, see here), they, despite everything, still remain wild. In particular, their savagery is manifested in the fact that they bite. How to wean a ferret to bite? That’s what we’ll talk about today …

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Raise a ferret and wean him from those habits that you do not like, it is worth from the first days of the appearance of the pet in your house. It is also worthwhile to be consistent in terms of raising a ferret, and if you forbid him to something – you are not allowed to bite your hands, this should not be allowed to be done even during the game. Animals do not draw boundaries and parallels; one thing is clear to them. If something is possible, it is always possible. If you can’t do something, it’s a permanent ban. However, they may try to break it.

Of course, it is much easier to educate teenage ferrets at the age of 3-4 months. If at this age you show them that you can’t bite, they will learn this rule for their whole life, if time was lost, the ferret will be more difficult to wean from a bad habit. And, unfortunately, there are even cases when the most experienced training and education do not give results. How to tame a ferret.

The ferret has sharp teeth

But it’s too early for us to give up and think that nothing will work out. Better let’s think why can your ferret bite. Having determined the reason, we can eliminate the factors that provoke this behavior.

  • The ferret is not used to you yet – when the animal is in a state of stress, it falls into a completely new environment for him, where there is nothing familiar, do not be surprised that he is trying to protect himself from the world unknown to him with sharp teeth. In this situation, the ferret needs to be given time to adapt and get used to the new environment. It is quite possible that, having become accustomed, he will cease to be so wild and aggressive, and then you can get to know him better. About caring for a ferret.
  • Ferret has an aggressive character – ferrets, like humans, have different behaviors. As good people are, so are aggressive ferrets, who by their nature do not mind to grab someone’s finger. Well, in this case, you can sympathize – you came across a difficult case, and wish patience. If you follow our advice, you will have a real chance to change the ferret’s behavior and make it less aggressive. Until the animal stops biting, you should not let it out of the cage. Try to feed him little by little through the rods, making sure that he does not bite. When the ferret gets used to your hands and smell, you can let it out of the cage. Learn how to feed a ferret.
  • Ferret takes you for his – it really is. The bites could indicate that he recognized you for his own. The fact is that in childhood this is how ferrets play with their sisters and brothers. True, such bites are less painful for a thick animal skin than for you and me. Having played a ferret starts to bite you too. Letting him do this is not worth it. Stop the game and put the animal in its place (a little later, we will describe how to do it). A few such trainings as a ferret will learn that you can play with the owner, but you can’t bite.
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Do not let the ferret bite you while playing

If in spite of all your efforts to train the animal, he bites desperately, try the following. Find soft leather gloves in the house to protect your hands from pet bites, and take the ferret in your hands. It is better to take a sleepy animal, then it is more calm and not so active. Stroke the pet, gently talk to him, offer a treat, but if the ferret tries to bite you, gently click his finger on his nose, and strictly say “fu”. He will have to learn this dog team. If the animal calms down – treat it to a treat.

Do not try to immediately make your tactile contacts long. Just a couple of minutes and the ferret can be released. The main thing is that he learned the command "fu" and the fact that the owner can not bite.

Some breeders recommend using a shower spray. As for me, he is a little stressful, so you should not resort to him unless absolutely necessary. If the ferret is too aggressive and is trying to bite you or your household, put him in the bathroom and direct a stream of warm shower at him. This will cool the ferret’s ardor and calm him down a bit. After this, the pet can be treated to a treat. But as soon as he shows signs of aggression – again a bath and a shower. However, if you are raising a ferret in this way in the cool season, make sure that the wet animal does not catch a cold. About the diseases of ferrets.

Do not lower the ferret if he does not obey, bites and behaves aggressively. If you allow him to behave this several times, it will quickly become a habit in him, and in the future you will have serious problems with the pet. Raise a ferret and adhere to one line of upbringing, this also applies to your relatives and family members. It is very important that they do not allow the ferret what you forbid him to do. Applying physical punishment to the animal, beating it, starving it, trying to wean it in this way is not worth it. These methods of education will not lead to anything good. Try to better pave the way to his heart through affection and goodies. And then soon your animal will become tame and completely social, without a hint of aggression in its behavior.

Today we talked about domestic ferrets and why these animals can bite, and how to wean them from this bad habit. Does your home ferret bite? How do you deal with his aggressive behavior? Share your stories, experiences and, of course, photos of your ferrets with us.

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