Making A Harness (Leash) For A Ferret Yourself

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  • Ferret owners often ask themselves: what to do if you want to take your pet out for a walk, but do not want to lose it? There is a solution: the harness for the ferret will help keep the pet near the owner and thereby ensure the safety of the walk for both of them.

    Making A Harness (Leash) For A Ferret Yourself

    What is harness and why is it needed

    As you know, a harness is an accessory that looks like a collar, which consists of straps passing through the chest and back of the animal. A leash is attached to the harness, so they usually put it on the pet when they take it for a walk. The harness is distinguished from the collar by the fact that it is much safer, especially when it comes to the ferret: the force with which the animal breaks off the leash can completely suffocate when using the collar, but this is not possible with the harness. In addition, ferrets very quickly learn to slip out of collars, and it is much more difficult to jump out of a harness.

    In addition to the classic harness, consisting of belts, there is also a so-called vest – a kind of harness, made in the form of a kind of sleeveless jacket. This is suitable for animals that go for a walk in bad weather, and protect them from excessive cold and moisture.

    over, many vests look very fashionable and not only warm the ferret, but also make it stylish. However, the vest is not suitable for a small ferret: being a very nimble animal, he can simply jump out of the ammunition, which is too big for him.

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    Making A Harness (Leash) For A Ferret Yourself

    The leash for the ferret, which is usually bought complete with harness, usually does not exceed 2 m in length. Ferrets are very curious and constantly try to climb somewhere, so if the leash is too long, the owner runs the risk of spending the whole walk getting it out (and at the same time a pet) from branches, fences and leashes of other animals. For the same reason, it is not recommended to use a tape measure for ferrets.

    It will be useful for a novice ferret owner to know: putting a ferret in a harness for the first time is another test. The animal will resist, break out and try to slip out of an unfamiliar object, and if it is aggressive, then it will probably even bite. To avoid bad behavior on the first walks, it is recommended to accustom the polecat gradually to the pole, and at first walk with him on a leash, at home or in the apartment. It is recommended to put a helmet on a ferret as often as possible, and to start accustoming the animal to it – in childhood. By the time the animal gets used to new sensations and no longer resists and gets angry when trying to put on a harness, you can go for a walk with him.

    Homemade harness

    Making A Harness (Leash) For A Ferret Yourself

    What you need to sew a harness:

    • 3 m tape of hard fabric (width about 10-15 mm);
    • 2 fastex (fasteners);
    • carabiner for a leash;
    • 2 regulators;
    • half ring for fastening the leash.


    Making A Harness (Leash) For A Ferret Yourself

    There is nothing complicated, therefore, in the manufacture of a leash and harness for a ferret. Only one thing should be remembered: the parts of the ammunition must be sewn together very carefully so that if the ferret twitches, he cannot break the threads and jump out to freedom. Finding a ferret among city landscapes is still a pleasure.

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    The harness for the ferret is an indispensable assistant to the owners in such a thing as a walk. If you correctly follow the simple recommendations on choosing ammunition for a ferret, the hours spent on a walk will give a lot of pleasant impressions to both the owner and the pet himself. It should be remembered: the polecat is a playful and inquisitive animal, and a walk will please him like nothing else, and correctly selected harness and leash will double the animal’s pleasure from exploring a new area.

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