Parenting A Ferret

Parenting A Ferret
Parenting A Ferret

Parenting A Ferret
Parenting A Ferret

Ferrets. smart, cunning animals with the beginnings of analytical thinking, which is why they are well trained. Ferrets are not inferior to dogs in intelligence, although their minds are more practical. They will not do anything to just please the owner. So how to raise a ferret.

What can a ferret teach

The correct education of a ferret is to instill in him the rules of behavior and skills that are not inherent in nature. Based on this, it is necessary to raise the animal at an early age, when its ability to learn is maximum. The main rule is to show the ferret "who is the boss in the house": he should perceive you as a strong "relative" and should not harm you.

How to raise a ferret

Permissible penalties:

Shake the scruff of the neck. This method is quite effective. Usually, the female herself uses this method to punish her children.

Put in a cage. This method of punishment works when ferrets are kept free. Some animals do not tolerate restrictions on freedom and immediately realize that they are guilty, and some are indifferent to imprisonment so much that they can fall asleep in a cage.

Click on the nose. This method can be used if the ferret has bitten you. Do not hit hard. It is best to lightly tap the ferret not with his hands, but with some light object, for example, a twig. This method can often not be used, because the animal will begin to fear you. If you suddenly see that after such treatment the animal is offended and does not fit for a long time, it is better to exclude this method of punishment.

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Phrase: "Fu!" You can shout several times in a stern voice, "Fu!" Thus, you can train a ferret to this team and use it only in the future.

It is worth noting that the punishment will bring good results if you try to combine several of the methods described above.

Not only punishment

You can not focus only on punishment. The ferret must be rewarded for doing the right thing. It can be treats and affection, you can stroke and praise your pet.

Impossible to wean from

By nature, ferrets got some habits that cannot be fixed. It:

Digging and digging in the ground.

Mark territory. As soon as the males pass puberty, they will begin to mark the territory. The smell of ferrets urine is quite strong and specific. If you will not use the male for breeding, then it is better to be neutered.

Hide food. As a cache, animals choose hard-to-reach and distant places: under a cabinet, a bathroom, and a battery. By the way, hidden food can lie for a long time and not deteriorate, because the ferret saliva has substances that slow down the reproduction of microorganisms.

Each ferret is individual, unique, therefore, each of them needs a special approach. It is necessary to study the nature and taste of the pet and apply this in the process of education.

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