The Ferret Is Sick. What To Do?

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Take to the vet, do not be wise and do not torment the animal

The Ferret Is Sick. What To Do?

It can make him sick from pork, but it is doubtful that in two days, the trochee has a quick metabolism, food is digested on average 3.5 hours. You do not describe. what kind of vomiting, how long, how often, what is the general condition, temperature-lethargy-appetite, stool, nutrition (except for the wrong pork cholerae) Therefore, you can’t even say anything about it, and specifically and precisely, only the vet can say after the examination. The two most likely causes. hit of a foreign body (piece of cloth, toys) and poisoning. Diseases in trochees develop rapidly, if a ferret is ill, then the sooner the veto is better. By vomiting in general:
Ferret vomiting can be either minor or chronic, or a sudden and serious illness.
Possible causes of vomiting:
Usually this is not an independent disease, but the result of some violations or changes, among which:
Spoiled food
A sudden change in diet
Foreign body in the stomach or intestines
Bowel disease. invasion, colitis (inflammation of the large intestine), etc.,
Hormonal disorders, such as diabetes or hyperthyroidism.
Hypersensitivity to food.
Some viral infections
Bacterial infections
Diseases affecting other vital organs, such as chronic renal failure and liver disease.
Sudden vomiting can also occur as a result of stress, a nervous reaction to fear, or a change in environment, physical trauma to the head; it is also the result of motion sickness, overheating, or a disease affecting the balance organs (some ear diseases include these)
Your actions when vomiting.
If a ferret suddenly vomits, watch him closely. Do not offer the animal food or drink for at least four hours. If vomiting does not recur, treat the ferret as usual, but watch to see if he has constipation or diarrhea (diarrhea). If the ferret vomited again, offer several sips of water every half hour, but do not feed.
If the ferret does not go to the toilet, signs of weakness appear – immediately consult a veterinarian.
If the vomiting does not stop, if the vomiting becomes very dark or there is a trace of blood in them, the ferret becomes lethargic, sick and drowsy, immediately contact your veterinarian.
If vomiting does not recur within 24 hours, offer more water, but make sure that he does not drink too much. Give him some soaked dry food if your ferret is constantly eating straight. a small piece of chicken with a quarter of hard-boiled eggs.
Continue to feed the ferret relatively small portions of food every 4 hours throughout the day. If the animal feels well and does not repeat vomiting, gradually (within 2 days) transfer it to the usual diet.
Treatment of vomiting in ferrets.
Treatment will depend on the intensity of the vomiting and the cause that caused it. Nine out of ten cases of the disease can be cured by a strict diet alone, but some of them require the use of certain medications.
Intestinal obstruction caused by the presence of a foreign body in the intestine will require surgical intervention.
In cases of sudden and severe vomiting, the ferret will need intensive therapy, which is necessary to control the symptoms of the disease and reduce the effects of the frequently repeated vomiting on the body. If the exact cause of the disease is not determined, the treatment will most likely consist of fasting (from 24 to 48 hours); in order to compensate for the loss of fluid, the ferret will be prescribed glucose injections so that the body does not become dehydrated until he can drink himself. However, the veterinarian can also resort to the help of drugs – in order to stop vomiting, give the digestive system rest and compensate for the loss of fluid.

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Treat him with Polysorb. It perfectly relieves nausea, vomiting, etc. Only this drug is available in two versions, it is for people and animals, but there is practically no difference.

he has rabies

to the veto and as soon as possible you never know if something serious

The Ferret Is Sick. What To Do?

why does a healthy person feel sick? poisoned! maybe your polecat also ate something spoiled? ferrets generally have a very weak stomach, don’t tug on it, let it rest, give us more liquid, don’t give heavy food, but in general we can do harm by our advice, not doctors,

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