What Ferrets Eat And How To Feed Them

What Ferrets Eat And How To Feed Them

Ferret food

Proper nutrition is the key to good health and longevity of any pet. To ensure this condition, you need to know what ferrets eat. The diet of their food is much like a human. It should be quite diverse, but its basis is meat.

The most natural food for the animal are dead or alive mice, chickens and baby rats. This ferret feeding option is rarely suitable for owners. Someone repents of it too cruel, someone is afraid of mice, and someone just unpleasant to watch eating one animal of others.

What do ferrets eat except rodents and chicks? Raw beef, horse meat, rabbit meat, poultry (chicken, turkey), sea fish fillet. By-products (heart, lung, liver, chicken heads, stomachs and necks) are quite suitable.

Twice a week, the ferret’s menu is recommended to be varied with raw eggs, dragonfly larvae, frogs, and flour worms.

What else do ferrets eat? Milk products. For example, low-fat cottage cheese and cheese, kefir and sour cream. It is enough to give them to the pet 2-3 times a week.

It is important that the animal receives a sufficient amount of vitamins. What do ferrets eat for this? Of course, vegetables. Their pets can be eaten in unlimited quantities.

Sometimes ferrets can be given dry food for dogs and cats. It contains a lot of fiber, which will help increase the intestinal motility of the animal. But you should not abuse such food.

Many owners in feeding emphasize the so-called minced meat. This is what ferrets eat with great pleasure. The benefits of this dish are also confirmed by veterinarians. It is prepared as follows:

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Boil beef (horse meat, chicken or fish).

In a meat broth, add a mixture of buckwheat, rice, millet, and oats and cook until cooked over low heat.

Add finely chopped meat to the porridge.

The porridge should be crisp and soft. It can only be given to a ferret well-cooled. You can put nutritional supplements and vitamins in a dish, but you do not need to salt it.

A ferret is fed upon reaching 12 months of age. 2 times a day. Up to 7-8 months, animals are fed 3 times. Toddlers – 4 times.

In addition to knowing what ferrets eat, it is important to have an idea of ​​their attitude to drinking. Animals consume a lot of fluids. They approach the drinker up to 20 times during the day. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the animal always has clean, cool water. It is better to use a closed car drinker. In it, the liquid retains freshness longer; moreover, the animal will not be able to litter the water with food and sawdust.

Food contraindicated to ferrets

There are products that can never be treated to a pet. These are any sweets, cookies, chocolate, muffins, cakes, pickles (olives, cucumbers), pork, lamb, smoked meats, ham, sausage, soups, fried foods, milk, food containing soy.

Goodies (pears, apples, bananas, apricots, watermelon) ferret can be given very rarely only in the form of encouragement. This is due to the fact that the body of the animal is not able to absorb starch and fructose. Their regular use by a pet in large quantities leads to digestion and obesity. Also, the abuse of sweets can provoke diabetes and other disorders.

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